How To Set Up a Lavalier Microphone to Record to Camera: Video Production Tips by Web Video Crew

today, we’re going to show you a
condensed version of setting up a lavalier mic to record to a camera. in this set up we have a transmitter and
receiver as well as our camera. you wanna make sure that both your
receiver and transmitter are set on the same frequencies so that they’re
communicating. first we’re gonna plug our receiver into our
camera. this camera uses xlr connection which is a connection used for
professional quality audio. In this case we’re connected to channel one of our
camera. next we’re going to turn up the volume
for the channel to make sure that our connection type is on mic or line, and that we are set to external instead of internal because we’re not using the mic in the
camera. always double check to make sure you’re
adjusting for the correct channel. tell your talent to speak so you can
check your levels then you need to adjust the levels so that they are between minus 10 to minus
3 db and that they’re not hitting zero which
would give you bad audio. thank you for watching zero to sixty. If you
have any questions about video, please give us a call!

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