How to Pronounce the “TH” Sound

– Hello, everyone!
– My name is Cris. – My name is Ana.
– And this is Great Ideas for Teachers and Students. Subtitles are available in English and Portuguese. On today’s video we are going to teach you how to pronounce the th sound. Ana, you have a beautiful mouse. Mouse? – Yes!
– Youu mean this one? Mouse? No! Mouse! Mouse! Cris! Mouth! Mouth Because a lot of languages don’t have this th sound Sometimes we accommodate it to other sounds like T F and S We produce the th sound by putting our tongue between our teeth and blowing like this Please repeat Now repeat these words with the th sound mouth path thought math bath thank thin Think Very good. Now let’s compare the sounds. Please repeat Now repeat Now let’s compare some words thin sin think sink thank sank bath bass math mass path pass thought sought mouth mouse Very good! Another sound that people confuse with the th is T. Please compare the sounds. Now compare the words tenth tent through true booth boot thorn torn faith fate thick tick three tree Another sound that people usually confuse with the th is f. To produce the f we need the lower lip but to produce the th we don’t Compare. To make sure you’re not producing an F instead of a th hold your lower lip Try an F. – It’s impossible!
– Okay, so now compare the sounds. Repeat the words, please. Ruth roof threat fret thirst first author offer death deaf Very good now. We hope you’re ready to produce the th sound. If you like this video please hit the like button And subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already Don’t forget to ring the notification bell And share the video with your friends follow us on our social media bye, bye

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