How to install an external microphone to your video camera

Hey guys Eddie the Magic Monk here
doing a quick comparison video of the old camera that I used to have and the
new one that I just bought recently so I used to have a Sony Handycam
and I’ve just upgraded it to a Canon Vixia and the prices of the cameras are
pretty similar but the good thing about my new camera is that I have a shotgun
microphone that is attached to it and all the exact details I will include in
the description of this video but you can you should be able to hear the
difference between two sounds so now I’m going to show you how to attach the
shotgun mic to my new Canon Vixia if you’re interested hey guys this is a
quick tutorial on what you need to do to install the shotgun mic to your camera
so the first thing you need is obviously a camera that has an external mic input
so you can see this is my camera right here a Canon Vixia HF R600 and you can
see that if i open up this camera right it’s got a microphone input port here
that i can insert a microphone into so without that without that you won’t be
able to attach a mic to it okay so if you have that then the next thing you
need is obviously a shotgun mic and what I bought is called the RODE VIDEOMIC
okay so that’s what I bought and I’ll put a link in my description so here is
the mic that comes with that okay so this is what it looks like
and then you also need a flash bracket right this is what’s
going to support the mic while it’s standing on top of your camera so you
need these three things all right make sure you have them so now here is the
flash bracket okay and what I’m going to do is I’m going to attach this to my
camera so it just goes on the bottom of your camera so just hook it on like this
I use the bigger hole use the bigger hole just screw it on like that okay and
now notice how there’s a hole at the bottom of this which can then sit safely
on a camera stand like that so this can sit on a camera stand all right and now
what we’re going to do is attach the microphone to the top all right so this
is the microphone and you can see on the bottom it’s got one of these thingies so
to hook it on you just basically go like that slide it on and then you’re gonna
have to turn the knob to lock it in okay so it’s pretty safe so basically
you can just hold the camera hold the camera like this and the microphone is
attached to it so when you want to record you will have to turn on the
camera like this and then pull down this camera cable and insert it into this
slot and then make sure you turn on your mic and that way you can start recording
it and you can see here that your whoops you can see here that it registers the
sound as you’re talking okay thanks for watching guys see you next time.


Hey, I was wondering if you could rotate the camera and the microphone so that grip is behind the camera? I think it would look a little more professional.

Hey Magic Monk, what Flash memory are you using to get the best quality with that Canon R600? How many GB does it have as well?

can you tell me when you plug the cable to the camera what is the hole that the plug goes into called because the only hole I can find on my camera is called av out

The sound is good. I have a canon vixia hf r700. I might get this. How far were you from the mic? I recently bought a cheaper microphone and I had to speak really close to the mic to get good sound.

Thank you so much. I was going to buy that mic for my HF R700, but I didn't know I needed an L bracket. Very helpful. Thumbs up

Awesome video – thanks so much this is the part I was specifically looking for. Everyone else is showing how to makeshift attach pieces with glue/welding/etc. This is so much easier to do. Thanks again!

thank you! very clear. Now I know that I need an L bracket for the canon vixiar if I have to purchase this rode video mic. some youtubers dont know how to help beginner like me.

Thanks for the simple explanation for what is needed to mount a shotgun mic on this type of camera and how. Went through quite a few videos with no luck before getting to this one.

This is an old video but if you have the Cannon Vixia HF r600 like the one in the video. You NEED a SELF POWERED Microphone. The Cannon Vixia HF r600 WILL NOT provide phantom power to it. So any Mic that doesn't have a battery will not work with this camera. I tried my Sony ECMCS3 Clip style Omnidirectional Stereo Microphone (no battery powered), and the camera never registers it. Just a reminder. And Magic Monk please heart/pin this comment for anyone in the future, thanks.

Awesome! You had the missing ingredient which was the flash bracket. It made all the difference in giving me more options for mics I could purchase. Thanks.

The fact this camcorder doesn't have a shoe mount built into it makes it totally useless. A mount like the one you show totally affects mobility. Everyone always focuses on image quality when it comes to getting a camcorder when really, it's the little things they catch you out on.

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