How to get a CLEAR sound on the Flute

Hi, it’s Amelie. Today we are going to talk
about how to get a clear sound. (flute music) with beginners, what I usually do is that we start with only the head joint. And usually we put the hand
in the beginning on this part we close the flute and then (flute sound) it gets easy like that. Then you remove it (flute sound) you can even go (flute sounds) and make different sounds. But I feel that doing it like that is really only to get your first sounds. Because it’s very different
from blowing in only this part and blowing in the whole flute, because you need more air
to fill out the full flute. And the air is what makes the sound. The lips are only guiding the air. And a lot of people are very stressed about their lip position, and I think overly stressed
about their lip position. and, but I’m gonna address that because I feel its a need. I’ll say what you
shouldn’t be doing first. You shouldn’t be kissing like this, bringing your lips forward, like that, none of this, so, if I do it, wait I didn’t put my
embouchure in the right spot. Oh yeah, it’s okay. Like this… (air sounds) I can’t even make a sound. You shouldn’t roll your
lips in either like this, you know, or like this, or… (air sounds) I can’t make a sound either. And you shouldn’t smile. (airy flute sounds) this way I can, but it’s not very nice. Or frown too much, you
know to (air sounds) anything that’s really extreme you know (air sounds) because what you wanna do
is just keep it neutral as if you were just talking. Your lips, they’re close to your teeth. They’re not glued to your teeth but they’re close to your teeth. The corner of your lips are together because you want a small
hole in the middle. You don’t want too big so
you bring them together and you make a small hole
like this. (blowing air) and you blow forward, a little
bit at an angle like this. The air goes on an angle
because you want the air to go touch the other side of the, you know you have the lip plate, you have this hole here, you want to touch the other side of the hole with the air so you get this whistle you know. There has to be air on both
sides but mostly inside. So just in that angle. (flute music) so, that’s for the lips, but don’t be obsessed with
the embouchure position and the lips. A middle position that
allows you to go in different registers with suppleness
is what you need. And it’s just guiding the air. It’s not making the sound. The sound is made by the air. So, once you’ve found your sweet spot by doing as little as possible
with your lips really, just keeping it neutral, bringing, making a
little aperture and then (air sound) blowing in an angle here in towards your flute, you found your sweet spot. Now you need to blow air constantly. So, you need to breathe well. Briefly, keep a good posture so that you have space to breathe. If you’re collapsed, you won’t have, the air can barely get in and out. So, keep a good posture. Bring your chin inside, don’t
bring your head outside. Don’t be afraid to expand, you know, in the back, in the front, on the sides. You know, breathe in
three dimensions, like (breathing sound) and then use your muscles around to (air sound) push the
air in a very constant way. So, (flute music) and I don’t change the way I blow the air depending on the fingers. I can just… I blow the same way and I move my fingers. But when you work your sound, the most important thing is your ears. You need to listen to yourself and be aware of yourself. And you need also to
make a reference point in your head of what is a good sound, like a mental image of
the sound that you want and then you can reproduce that sound. Because if it’s not clear to you what a good sound is, then you don’t know what
you’re working towards. (air sounds) So, listen to some flute and you can also choose
a note that sounds good and start on that note and that is your reference note when you practice your sound exercises. Using a mirror is also very efficient. This way you can see what you are doing and see what sounds good
and what sounds not as good. (air sounds) and you can
experiment in front of a mirror trying to find your sweet
spot, like (flute music) you know trying to figure it out. You shouldn’t be covering more than a third to a quarter
of the flute here. So, don’t cover too much of the hole. Keep it open because
you need that whistling. While you practice in front of a mirror, make sure you don’t do this, ’cause sometimes people get tired and their arms go down but the
head stays in the same line and then the angle is not good any more and it’s difficult (flute
sounds) to have a good sound if your flute is not aligned. So, many things you can
look at in the mirror and also listen and be very
aware of your own sound. Of course, your flute needs to be stable. If it’s moving around, like this you know, it will be a problem. So, it has to be solid,
sturdy on your chin or on your lip, your lower lip and then you need to
have the fulcrum points that are here on the chin, this part of the left
hand, that index finger, then your thumb of the right hand. It has to be able to hold like this. And you need stability. Stability in the lips,
stability on the flute and then (air sound) constant air. Now, I’m going to do a
little sound exercise and you can do it with
me, play along with me. I’ll put my metronome at 60 and I’ll play one beat, the first note and three beats the second note. I’ll go from B above the staff and I’ll go one semi-tone lower each time. So, B, B flat, then I breathe. And I go B flat A, I breathe, A, A flat. So, I repeat the second note every time. (metronome ticking) (flute music) you can practice this exercise slower if you can or a bit faster it depends on your lung
capacity at the moment. And you can practice with vibrato, without vibrato it’s both good. It’s really about the sound. I’m gonna do the high register. So, I’m gonna go from the
same B above the staff and I’m gonna go all the way up. So, B, C, then C, C sharp, then I repeat C sharp and I go to D. (metronome ticking) (flute music) so, I stopped at the high C, but you can stop before
that if you need to. To recap, I would say, don’t be obsessed with your lip position. Have a very clear mental image
of the sound that you want. Be aware of that and thrive to get that. Use a mirror when practicing. And also, focus a lot on the air stream and having a air column
that’s very steady. I hope this was helpful. If you like the video, please like it. If you haven’t subscribed
yet, please subscribe and thanks for watching. (flute music) (air blowing)


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