How to Change YouTube Playback Speed (Slow Motion, 2x, etc.)

Hey guys. Dave from WP Smackdown here. And
just a real quick video to show you guys how to increase or decrease the
playback speed in which your YouTube videos are playing. So if you’re watching
video tutorials or if you’re listening to someone speak, we can comprehend and
read a lot faster than we can talk and so it’s very beneficial if you speed
things up. It’ll save you a lot of time and, on the flip side, if you just wanted to
watch something in slow motion or if reading comprehension might be an issue,
then you could slow things down and allow you some more time to actually hear what
they’re saying. Or you may just want to watch a cool video and watch it in slow
motion. So here’s how you do that. Here is my YouTube video playing screen. All I’m gonna do
is come down to the bottom and this settings cog right here. Click on that.
It’ll open up this menu and you’ll see an option for speed. It’s always going to default
to normal even when you have changed it on one video. As soon as you go to another
video, it’s gonna go back to normal. So keep that in mind. You will have to change it each time. I’m
gonna go ahead and just play this video real quick so you can hear what it
sounds like in normal speed. And then I’ll slow it down a little bit and as well as
speed it up so you can see the difference. [Normal Speed Talking] And let’s speed it up to 1.5 times… [Fast Speed Talking, 1.5 times] And we’ll go ahead and just slow it down to half speed… [Slow motion talking] So it’s as simple as that. That’s how you adjust your speed. A few things to keep in mind. This is only available on the YouTube web player so it’s not available
on the YouTube mobile apps. I know specifically for Android it’s not
available. I don’t think it works on the iPhone app either. You can, however, on
your mobile phone, pull up the mobile version of YouTube
which is and if you watch your videos there, it is available. So that way, you can
still get that feature on your mobile phone since it’s not available on apps.
This is not something that’s available on Vimeo or Wistia, which are two other
popular video platforms and it’s something that a lot of users are
requesting but neither of those two sites have implemented it yet. However I
will mention that there is a Google Chrome extension. I’ll put a link here in
the video so that you guys can see how to get that extension but that will add
a playback speed option if you’re using Google Chrome to every single video
that’s done with HTML5. So as long as you’re watching your Vimeo or Wistia
videos in HTML5 mode and not in Flash, then this extension will give
you the option to adjust that playback speed. But it’ll also work with all videos
that are using HTML5. And it does also give you the option to do increments of
1/10, so you can do 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etcetera. speeds to things. So it gives you more
flexibility in terms of how fast or how slow you adjust that speed. So I hope you found this video helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a
question in the comments. Thanks.


Has anyone found any streaming players that offer this function? (ex. Roku or Amazon prime?) I like to watch documentaries but would like to watch them in fast forward. Thanks for the video

ah.. the good old days when there was no 0.75 and no 1.75*
and when YouTube forced you to set a certain speed again when you go to another video.

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