How this singer who stutters won The Voice | Winner’s Journey #23

The winner of the voice is… Harrison Craig! What’s your name? Harrison Craig. Harrison, that is a gift brother.
– Hell yeah. Look at that,
look at that. I can’t contain myself right now. It is voices like that… … that make guys like me
wanna coach. Thank you, sir.
– That is a wonderful instrument… …that you have there. Something tells me you have
a really interesting story. Because when you sing… … it is so natural,
you feel so comfortable. Ever since I could talk,
I’ve actually… … had a stutter.
So, it’s kind of great to actually… … get up here and perform
so passionately… … and it’s beautiful,
I love it so much. Beautiful. I would pick… … Seal. Fantastic work. Harrison and Tim arrived,
ready to take on advice… … from Coach Seal
and mentor Connie Mitchell. This is going to be fun, right?
– Yeah. I love this song,
it’s a beautiful song. Harrison didn’t cruise through
the mentoring sessions. He might kind of go a bit wonky. To be able to sing… and not stutter is quite,
is quite a feeling. It’s a chance to express what
it’s like, you know, to have that kind of… … you know, heart ache, you know,
when you’re trying to speak. Tim, your tone was just beautiful… … strong, when it needed to be,
fragile when it needed to be. Your technique is impeccable. But the emotion and the power… Harrison, it’s just crazy
what you make me feel… … and that is very beautiful,
so I would go with you. Tim, you sounded fantastic
singing that song tonight. You were incredible singing
that song tonight. Harrison, there is something
that you have… … that… … is very difficult to teach. And it is the ability to connect. I don’t know how you do it… … you just connect
with everyone. I would be doing a disservice… … to not only you,
to everyone here … … but to also Australia… … if I didn’t go with you. Ladies and gentlemen,
the winner of this battle… Harrison Craig! I believe that we’ve only scratched
the surface of Harrison’s talent. Because of course, when he performs
he goes to this place… And it just makes you
want to find out more. This song that you’re gonna sing,
what does it mean to you? For me I think about… What if I didn’t have the people
that I really really love? What if they weren’t there? How I miss people I haven’t seen. How I care about people,
you know, so much… … that, you know, like,
my family or my mom, my brother… …and just what it really
means to me… … to have them, like,
as part of my life. When you said that the people
that you haven’t seen… … were you specifically
talking about your dad? Was he ever a part of your life?
– Not really… But, you know, I guess you can’t
really miss what you never had, so… Yeah. You’re very lucky… … in that you have
an incredible support system. Absolutely, I mean my mum, brother… Nana, as well. She has always been
such a giant support. They’ve all been like a rock for me,
for my whole life. It’s pretty awesome,
– Yeah. You’re really lucky. I think we’ve done enough talking,
I think we should go on and sing it. That sounds great. Thank you, brother.
– Thank you. Do your thing. I love your tone,
so melodic. Australia loves you,
everybody loves you. Harrison you’re awesome man,
you’re the best. Why do you even need me? Yeah, look, I mean… … to be coached by you, Seal… and to be in the presence of you all… … is absolutely breathtaking for me. It’s such an experience. For the first week of the Lives… I’ve chosen “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’
by Elvis Presley. Big song, an iconic song, from the
most iconic Rock and Roller… … ever to stand in front of a mic. We wanna avoid the public
becoming bored. Yeah. It’s one of the reasons
why I picked this song. I love it, it’s awesome. I’m really glad that we’re on the same,
you know, brain way. You know what? Couple of things
I want you to try. Okay. Right at the end, here. Constantly I’m after that
kind of perfect performance. Nothing’s perfect, but you can
try your best, so… Damn, I wanted you in my team, man. Those low tones, man,
you got to take advantage… And you’re gonna
use them more often… … really you need to go there,
because they’re very powerful. I love the transition
from note to note… Your diction is very beautiful
as well. You’re awesome and people love you,
what the hell! This song is more
about performance. Imagine yourself at the Sands,
like Sinatra at the Sands. Yeah. Except you’re moving like Sammy Davis.
– That’s great, that’s great. The reason I’ve given this song
to Harrison this week is because… … I want Australia to see his versatility. Okay, we’re at the Sands, right? Hey baby! I want you like a relaxed…
I want you… I’ve shown everyone
the slow up ballads. Now I believe it’s time to bring out
those more upbeat tunes… … and absolutely smash it, so… You always carry us with class,
with dignity and integrity. Lee was just saying to me, you know,
“Oh Harrison’s up next”, you know, He’s so great, he always goes back
and thanks everyone… … and tells them how good they were,
and thanks… … and says you’re doing
such a great job for me. That is what a great artist is. It is somebody who carries themselves
with poise and integrity. And I believe… That we are all looking at
the next person to represent that. Thank you very much. If you can here,
just do a little business around here. And take a breath there.
– Okay. Seal really goes
the extra mile for you. Take Scotty’s piano down,
like half the level it is right now. A little bit more. Through the run-through,
I had the piano turned right down. Have you got like
a little bit of a delay? Sing a little bit, Harrison. How is that?
– That’s beautiful. It actually sounds a lot better. You’re doing a great job at that. Thank you.
– You’re welcome. And I can’t believe I’m wearing a white shirt
and you’re wearing a white shirt. There we go and
I’ve got a black jacket… And you make it look so much better,
I’m walking here… No, not at all. Thanks, Seal. I like that song. I don’t think it was
your best on this, on this season. But… I think that you have a lot of
miles ahead of you. You’re gonna go a long way,
for a long time. Because your voice is…
it is so special. Wasn’t my favorite song,
but you rose to the occasion. That’s all that matters,
so good on you. Thanks Joe. I agree with coach Joel
in that, it was… It wasn’t the best,
we’ve heard you. But it was my favorite performance,
here’s why: There is no place
to hide in that song. Right? That exposes you.
If you do not have what it takes… … that song and that arrangement
will expose you. I gave you that song… … because I know how
great you are, right? First of all,
what’s the song called? It’s called… “More Than A Dream”. “More Than A Dream”? This piece for me, is something
that I took a lot of pride in writing. I guess for me it’s a reflection on,
you know, past hurdles and obstacles… If your father leaves you,
if you’re bullied at school… Or if you find it hard to talk,
that’s all irrelevant. You keep going,
no matter what. But you, my dear, my love,
my saving grace… Tell me. For that one, I guess, you know,
it’s my family… … like, my mom in particular. You know, she’s always been… Just my rock,
throughout my whole life. Behind that… … even though your mother has been
such a beacon of strength… I can’t help feeling,
that there’s something about your dad… …that drives you. Him walking out, I mean… Look what he has done,
the kind of person he has made me into. You know? Thank you. Because I’m… Because, you know,
look what I’m becoming. Man! You were… and you melt people. You… What can I say? It’s… I couldn’t… It’s like you were talking
to your father… … and he would be so proud man. I just wish my kids… … one day become
as noble and as strong… …and as beautiful
as you are, man. The winner of The Voice is… Harrison Craig!


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Congratulations from France !!
Wonderful voice, beautiful personality
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I have the feeling Harrison Craig made Seal thinking and feeling about a lot of things. One of them: Why he was living far away from his own children for some time. To be an artist and travel and having an ex-wife (Heidi Klum) and mother of his kids who also travel a lot is for sure not easy. Maybe his heart couldn't deal with it anymore. Such an amazing young man like Harrison has no contact to his dad and sings so beautiful and Seal realises "What am I doing to my children right now? Can't I change something to be a better father to them?"

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