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Thanks for sharing. I practise every second to third day. I am working very hard on my technique. Unfortunatly I'm sometimes very unpatient. I don't kill my voice but I am too eager.

I started vocal practise as every third day for a month and now I'm doing vocal practise every second day. I can hear the power in my voice now, I no longer have that much vocal fatigue as I used to have before. Thank you Dr.Dan.

i have question. my voice ( that i think is my chest voice) is falling of pitch, like, always, also when i have a lot of air, and when i go a little bit higher, i can't recognise if that is still chest voice
PS. my voice is changing due puberty, so i thought that is because of that, help?? 🙂 🙂 🙁

I am 19 years old, and I am trying to learn to sing. I practice everyday, for about 2hrs, cause I’m tryna be a broadway star who sings 8 shows a week!! I want to improve as fast as I can, progress is slow, but glad their is progress at least. I try to stop as soon as I feel any sense of fatigue so I can bounce back for the next day

I am a dramatic tenor my main problem is straining I have a big voice but I don't don't have good technique and I tend to have vocal fatigue sometimes also I can sing any vocal type

Hello Dr. Dan,realized that i wrote from my husbands account! I love you and your videos,i truely deeply think you are the best provider on the Internet and should have much more subs. I guess that people are looking for quick effects more then real knowledge! I do have one big question. Back in Germany i used a sports item ( i dont remember the name) to help my students when it comes to "belting". It was a miracle! Sometimes we use the " against the wall" exercise. now i am looking for exercises with the elastic band? Could you recommend a exercise? Or "sporty" exercises like this in general? i would be super happy and thank you so so much!

Hello Dr Dan thank you very much for your beautiful suggestions i am following all of them since I watching but I have a problem, whenever I sing higher nodes my voice becomes weak and I get tired like I blow too much air whenever I sings please recommend any video suggestions so that I get rid from this.

the one question i got is, does the 10,000 hour rule apply to singing

do i have to practice singing for 10,000 before i become good?

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