How Can I Improve My Singing Voice?

How can I improve my singing voice? Admit it. You’re never going to be on American
Idol except for the gag reels. I am not trying to be famous. I want to be
able to sing along with my friends without ending up on Youtube as the “she thinks
she can sing” girl. Is taking singing lessons on your list? I’d like something I could do without spending
all that money. Practice makes perfect, but it needs to be
somewhere you can hear your voice. And the shower doesn’t count. That room has the best acoustics. Only because of the sound of running water. What else can I do? Develop vocal warm-up routines. Join a choir
to get free practice. I don’t even know how to do a vocal warm-up. Practice singing the scales. You can play
a keyboard or use a video clip of the scales and sing along with it. Or sing along to the Sound of Music. You could sing into a microphone so that you
hear yourself. Sometimes your tone is thrown off by the tonal shift of your voice through
your skull. Huh, what does that mean? Our voices sound lower to us than they do
to other people because the sound is filtered through the skull as well as picked up by
the ear drums. Listening to your voice through a microphone and headphones gives you a better
idea of the true sound. Or I could sing into a voice recorder and
play it back. Then you lack real time feedback. I’d feel more comfortable recording it and
listening to it. So sing a song you know and then play it back.
Then you’ll know when you messed up. What do you think of Karaoke? If you are singing along to those tracks and
the background music helps you keep time, sure. But singing in a Karaoke bar won’t
help you learn how to sing without feedback and correction. That’s why Karaoke is called bad singing
in Japanese. No, but it is the closest literal meaning.

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