How BROCKHAMPTON Deals With Ameer Vann’s Departure on “DEARLY DEPARTED” | Song Stories

[HOST] Boyband BROCKHAMPTON grapples with
the departure of their former band member Ameer Vann on “DEARLY DEPARTED.” “DEARLY DEPARTED” is the 7th track off
of BROCKHAMPTON’s fifth studio album, “GINGER.” It’s produced by members Kiko Merley and
Romil. On the track, BROCKHAMPTON front man Kevin
Abstract begins by possibly alluding to he and Vann’s former friendship. In May 2018, Ameer was accused of sexual misconduct
and shortly afterwards left the group. They were forced the scrap their album “PUPPY
which had been the works at the time of the controversy. That same month, BROCKHAMPTON issued a statement
saying quote. We want to sincerely apologize to the victims
affected by Ameer’s actions. We were lied to, and we’re sorry for not
speaking up sooner. Vann was a known fixture. He appeared on each cover of BROCKHAMPTON’s
breakthrough ‘SATURATION’ trilogy. He and Kevin Abstract were also great friends. Abstract first broke his silence over Ameer
on 2019’s “Corpus Christi” off of “ARIZONA baby.” Back on “DEARLY DEPARTED,” Abstract raps
about BROCKHAMPTON’s deal with RCA records and their mental state in the wake of Vann’s
departure. He discussed feeling exhausted in an interview, saying quote. My problem was, we lost a member from our
group. Close, close, close childhood friend, [a]
traumatic experience…it made us take a step back and made me realize maybe the group should
take a break and just live life for six months. Matt Champion comes in on the second verse
talking about lies. Dom McLennon runs anchor with the strongest
verse of the three beginning by alluding to tracks from their scrapped album, “Puppy.” Next, he raps about how Ameer may have set
a friend of his up to be robbed. Finally, Dom appears to criticize Vann’s
character and finishes the verse saying that Ameer was all talk. The first set of bars about separating the
real from the fake line up with Dom’s verse off of “IRIDESCENCE”’s ‘WEIGHT.” Ameer has yet to reply and his instagram has
been down for the better part of a year. ‘DEARLY DEPARTED,’ is the most viewed
song off of “GINGER,” on, most likely due to its subject matter and as of
press time sits at number 19 on Genius’ Top Songs chart. If you’d like to know more about ‘DEARLY
DEPARTED,’ check out the song page on I’m Jacques Morel with Genius News, bringing
you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music. Peace!


will these journalist stop just talking about kevin.

ameer grew up with matt, dom, kevin, joba, AND kevin. like you mad the first 2 minutes about kevin then made 15 seconds of matt? then rest for dom…

Something baffles me about this Ameer controversy, also I'm a new BH fan just so it's clear. What's the purpose of the song Heat? Now, I love the group and Heat is a good song but if abuse of any kind isn't tolerated in BH, why was Ameer's verse on Heat okay? People were okay with him saying those things before but can't stand the idea of him actually doing things like that? (Also, I want to be very clear when I say: I'm not excusing Ameer's actions. What he did was wrong.)

i swear there’s a verse in a song where Ameer says “I talk to god” and Don references that with “you can talk to god, i don’t wanna hear” I could be wrong but that sounds familiar for some reason

These are cool ideas, but I wish Genius would go more in-depth and have less scripts written like English class essays

Brockhampton without Ameer sounds like a Tumblr rap group. Trully tragic waste of potential. Maybe if Seth takes up the role of "gansgter" rapper this band can be saved, but if it keeps going this way it's gonna be more and more melodic indie pop music, which sucks ass

imagine if ameer never left, team effort and puppy was released, and it ended up surpassing the saturation trilogy from those teasers we heard….. mann

Brockhampton aint shit without ameer! They went from being the most exciting group in the culture to shit that depressed 14 year olds listen to

Hi guys, I’m a new Brockhampton’s fan i need more of their song recommendations preferably their song SUMMER kinda vibes

been with brockhampton since the first saturation but i wish i found out about them when they dropped the all american trash album

pretty sure im maniacal but what do I know I dont know all I know is what I see through my monocle that and the telescope keep one end on the money flow to the other one go to sex offends.

all these comments asking for bh to release puppy/team effort yall really don't give a shit about the fact that ameer was utter trash and the boys most likely want to disassociate their brand from him

Ameer was my favourite. Things do change even its for the better of the group, my interest in BH has fallen without Ameer. I hope he can link up with some good producers and go solo.

wow i cant believe people listen to this abstract bullshit, i’d get it if it sounded good like lil uzi or something but this is just straight dogshit

This was my first BROCKHAMPTON song, and I didn't know this was the story. It makes the 3rd verse so much worse to think about, but more emotionally hitting. 9/10 song for me, I hope everything's ok now

Only question i have about the ameer situation is, the decision to let ameer walk out was it a decision based off of anger, fear, or really knowing it was the best thing to do

Before ameer left brockhampton where talking about how they may never make another album again and its fine if they dont, now, what ever you believe about ameer they still realised two albums in a bad mental state, even though great art has come out of these projects, i still think they made the wrong choice mentally, but they are talking about lies and feels bad like they should really be looking deep down, i just find it really weird that they seem to all be in a bad mental state and obviously need a brake but they are still trying to sell there back to school brockhampton merch.

What’s your favorite song on GINGER? I love the whole thing , but sugar, love me for life, and ginger are my favorites rn.

All I know is that saturation was their best work and it hasn't even been close. Not saying brother Ameer is the main factor but definitely a factor. At least I got the chance to see them all live in Philly.

Yet afte the events with Ameer, Brockhampton never felt the same. It really affected them as a group. They were supposed to be for Hip Hop what Billie Ellish has become for pop. It's a bit sad because the potential was there, but after 2 projects they just settle themselves as a seemingly OK group that won't gain mainstream status.

I don’t know a lot but In theory if there are no police reports and such and ameer isn’t in jail wouldn’t that mean he didn’t do it?

Bro I’ll be real. Just cause these guys are famous they shouldn’t abandon a bro if they real bros. This cancel culture and snitch culture got them being fake. Gotta have love if you real. What he did was wrong. Terribly wrong. But. Everybody is human. Bad sides and good.

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