How BAD is CLEARING the throat for Singers? | #DrDan ⏱


Great video Dr.Dan, I recently had the flu along with cold and really bad dry cough. I found that clearing my throat made my throat hurt and it affected my singing voice. Not only did drinking lots of fluid help but also taking honey. I’m thankful for your informative videos!🤗🤗🤗

Dan, I feel I hydrate reasonably well, but I may be dealing with LPR, and a "gentle" throat clear just won't cut it, especially after eating. I'm sure this is affecting my voice, but it's a damned either way situation, as the crap in my throat, whether produced via food or mucus secretion, is impossible to ignore.

I work on my vocals in the evening, and after a day of dealing with these demons, to say that singing can be frustrating is a stone understatement.

If you have any advice to offer, I'm all ears, nose and throat, so to speak.

Dr Dan I just want to thank you. I started learning to sing a few months ago believing that my voice wasnt suited for singing but following your videos I just learned I had to use it correctly. Of all the singing teachers you are my favorite and have helped me the most. Thank you.

I always clear my voice through coughing but I’ve never resorted to swallowing. I’ll really this one out! Thank you! Also, how do I do a gentle throat clear? I’m not entirely sure how to use air to blow the mucus. Any suggestions will help! 🙂

Hey Dr. Dan! I'm suffering from cough and mucus in my throat for a long time (I don't drink or smoke) and because of that my voice is getting raspy day by day… How can I deal with it?

Dr Dan, thanks for this interesting video – I was even operated on my sinusitis, but later it came back !
It's chronical and I guess that's why my throat itches sometimes…
If sinuses are in such a situation, is resonance still possible?

I have played practice recordings back and I have been clearing my throat without realising I have done it, I do this quiet a lot.

Sadly, my throat clearing and coughing are tied into the phlegm built up by my asthma. I try my best to not cough or clear, but no matter how much water/tea/whatever, I can't stop it. Currently fighting that now. Once the asthma and it's trigger (usually a cold) clears up, I tend to do better. Still catch myself in classes after long sessions, though 🙁

The swallowing thing does nothing for me, unfortunately. I find that if I can keep sipping on water or have a throat candy in my mouth, it helps tons, but only momentarily. I would say dryness might be an issue, but I don't think I can do any more than I do. Oh well.

I notice if you hold a certain notes it will clear. Is that OK.?
I use it after long periods of not singing.
Hence my Band's name
"birds with guns" , cause birds who have been targeted and become too defensive, stop singing.
It's sad, really!…sad
Sing, little birdie… 😢.

Erm was singing and accidentally swallow air and now is stuck in a throat, anyone help? It is very discomfort ..

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