Hotel Transylvania – Singing About Zing Scene | Fandango Family

I thought I found a love when she was
just a fling and then I met a girl felt a difference day it’s like a hit in the
ring like your pop I stray can’t believe I can’t you’re good on a chicken wait
what’s the thing called to say and I wanted to sing and listen to the balance
of the man named sting he looks in your eyes and suddenly sprang like what
knowledge is ever in the Lion King I’m feeling no pain cuz your mind
drak ready to throw down closer come on give it a try comm using your y’all gonna
your ring y’all better bring yo happen in your to the undead you


Dracula as Adam Sandler
Johnny as Andy Samberg
Mavis as Selma Gomez
Frank as Kevin James
Eunice as Fran Drescher
Wayne as Steve Buscemi
Wanda as Molly Shannon
Griffin as David Spade
Murray as Ceelo-Green

Jacobthepoop7 has always had fun with this one ☝️ day one ☝️ I am not here at this one ☝️ I have to go back home 🏠 night I love on a girl 👧 was my favorite game in a few months but it has to get the same song as well but it’s really

Mavis and Murray: Singing in the air
Dracula: Now I don't have a care I'm whinging from the zing that we share singing in the rain now I'm feeling no pain
Mavis and Murray: It's a time for celebrating cause you're my zing

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