Guess That: Stranger Things Songs Challenge (React)

– (sings along) ♪ Away from you ♪ – Oh my God, I forgot
what the song is called! – Oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’ll be doing
a Guess That Song challenge. – Ooooh!
– Ahhhh! It’s gonna be so good! – Oh my God!
– I love it! – (FBE) So as you may know, Stranger Things has
an incredible soundtrack made up of famous songs
from the ’80s. Today, you’ll be trying to guess
some of those songs. – Oh [bleep] okay. I just feel like he’s gonna
kill me in this one. – The Stranger Things
soundtrack is amazing. – I don’t even remember
what songs were in the show. – Bowie, Madonna, Prince, the Cure.
– Queen! – The ’80s?
– I’m so bad with ’80s music. – Oh gosh. – I’ll be like “oh, I know this song.”
Do I know what it’s called? – (both) No! (laughs) – (FBE) The rules are simple.
I’m going to be playing you the song. Three seconds, 10 seconds,
and 15 seconds at a time. You’ll need to guess the song title
to get a point. If you can also guess the artist,
then I will give you a bonus point. – Do you lose a point
if the artist is wrong? – Yeah, can we go negative?
– Can you go negative? – Okay.
– I’m scared. – ♪ You got to let me know ♪ (bell rings)
– Ugh! – Should I stay or should I go now?
(bell rings) By The Ramones?
(buzzer rings) – ♪ You got to let me know ♪
(bell rings) – Should I Stay or Should I Go?
(bell rings) – (FBE) By? – Wham!
(buzzer rings) – Oh shoot, my dad’s gonna hate me. – I would not–
– Sorry father, don’t disown me. – ♪ You got to let me know ♪
(bell rings repeatedly) – Should I Stay or Should I Go
by the The Clash? (bell rings)
– Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash?
(bell rings) – Yeah!
– Yes, dad rock! – Dad rock!
– I’m all about it! (bell rings)
– Should I Stay or Should I Go, Clash? – Wow, that was so effortless.
On your part. – That episode got me hurt! – (FBE) We are now going to
show you the scene that song was featured in
in Stranger Things. – Fun, okay!
– Oh, that’s fun. – ♪ Trouble ♪ – Oh this is when Will’s
trying to contact his mom from the other side. – I feel like this is like
the most memorable scene. – Have you seen my son!?
Will, noooooo! – Okay.
– I’m gonna flip the table! That’s his and his brother’s song,
and the fact that he’s trying to communicate with this family
with that song just kinda hurts. – I totally knew that one. It’s like getting me prepared
for the next season. – (FBE) Three seconds
of your next song. – ♪ Gonna take a lot ♪
♪ To drag me away from you ♪ (bell rings) – Africa?
(bell rings) – (FBE) By?
– Oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue! – ♪ Gonna take a lot ♪
♪ To drag me away ♪ (bell rings)
– Africa! Toto! – Why can’t I get a chance?
– (FBE) You didn’t hit the buzzer. – I know, I know.
– That’s my [bleep]! (bell rings)
– (sings along) ♪ Away from you ♪ Sorry I like this song, sorry.
– See I’ve heard that song, I’ve heard that song a bunch of times
but I don’t even know what it’s called.
– That is Africa by Toto. (bell rings)
– The memes! How did I not remember the memes!
– The memes dude, the memes! – ♪ Away from you ♪
(bell rings) – Africa, Toto.
(bell rings) (bell rings)
– This is Africa by Toto. – Yay!
– You let me have that one thanks Ary! – Africa, it’s Africa.
– (FBE) Alright, so for one point, that is correct,
and the artist is Toto. – Like Toto the dog
from Wizard of Oz? – Oh my God. – No.
– No? – Nancy and Steve.
– Do you need help or… – No she doesn’t need help.
– No, she’s good. – (sings along) ♪ I bless the rains ♪
– ♪ Down in Africa ♪ – ♪ I bless the rain ♪ – They lay down so fast!
– Good song choice for them. – I’m so uncomfortable right now. – Whoa.
– Cut. (laughs) – (FBE) Speaking of romance,
we know that Nancy’s other love interest
in Stranger Things is Jonathan. Are you team Steve,
or team Jonathan? – Actually, I am more Steve,
because rarely do you see a character like that have growth,
and he certainly got it. – I’m leaning more towards Steve.
– He’s got nice hair. – ♪ Every breath you take ♪
– Oh my God, I forgot what the song is called.
I’m drawing a blank, I know this song. – I know this song.
There’s just so many phrases in the song that I think
could be the title. – ♪ Every breath you take ♪
– It’s on the tip of my tongue! – I don’t know the name of this song.
(bell rings) – This is I’ll be missing you,
but I don’t know who. (buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– Missing You. (buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– Dude. (laughs) I’ll be missing you? – Every Breath You Take?
(bell rings) (bell rings)
(both laugh) – I don’t know! (bell rings) – (FBE) Alright, we’re gonna
go with Danny. – Every Breath You Take,
by the Police. Stalker song!
That’s how I know it. (bell rings)
– Every step you take? (buzzer rings)
– I know the artist! – (FBE) Who is it?
– The Police. – The Police!
– (FBE) Need more time? – Yeah, 10 more seconds.
– Yeah. (bell rings)
– ♪ Every breath you take ♪ ♪ Every move you make ♪ – So you’re just gonna
tap it and wait? – Yeah.
– That’s cheating. (laughs) – Every Breath You Take.
(bell rings) I’m gonna get destroyed by Ary,
but I’m gonna savor this extra one point. – I’m drawing such
a hard blank right now. I’m just gonna guess
Every Breath You Take, ’cause that’s the only thing
that’s coming into mind. (bell rings)
– Michelle! – Thank God.
– Is annihilating me. – Pretty sure I cried
during this scene. – There she is.
– Just go to her! – But you knew this was–
– Just go to her! – Oh!
– This is relatable! – This was never me. I never just waited for someone
to come dance with me, I went and danced,
and people came to me, honey. – Oh my God, this makes my heart melt. – ♪ I’ll be watching you ♪ – Do you wanna dance?
– My heart is exploding! – I don’t know how to!
– I don’t know how. – That’d be me.
I don’t know how to dance. – That’s so cute.
– That’s sweet. – This is like what you would dream of
when you’re like in middle school, and it like never happened.
– ♪ Every breath you take ♪ – (both) Aw. – Aw.
– She’s so happy! – It makes me feel all warm
and gooey inside. You know like a cookie
that’s like freshly baked, and you break it apart
and then the little, yeah. – That was the perfect song
for that scene. – I’m not crying,
I’m just really emotional. – Aw!
– I’ll be okay. – (FBE) Song number four! – I gotta step up my reaction time. – ♪ Give the past a slip ♪ – I had it,
and then I completely forgot it. Oh my God. – ♪ Give the past a slip ♪ (bell rings)
– Beat It, right, no. – (screams) I know what it is. Whip It.
(bell rings) (bell rings)
– Oh, [bleep] my nail. (laughs) Whip It!
(bell rings) By, [bleep] I know their name,
hold on, oh, Wham! (buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– Whip It, Devo. Or Dev-O, I don’t know how to
pronounce their name! (laughs) – All you need to hear
was the duh-duh-duh-duh-duh! – Yeah.
– He’s like dah-dah! – We need more time.
– ♪ Break your momma’s back ♪ – Oh, this is that, Whip It, right?
Whip it good? (bell rings)
Whip It. – ♪ Break your momma’s back ♪ – This a good song.
– [bleep] I’m so sad that I… – I was like jamming hard to that one.
– I’m giving up. – (FBE) So this is Whip It by Devo. – Devo?
– Why did I think Wham! ♪ (Devo, “Whip It”) ♪ – Oof, yes! Classic ’80s arcade. – This would be so us,
riding up on our bird scooters. – Oh my God! – If anything happens,
if you need to come home just ask them to use their phone
and call home, okay? Okay, don’t–
– Don’t walk or bike home, I know. – Winona Ryder is like
who I want to be as a mom. – Have fun!
– Paranoid, and on top of everything. – I love, I’m not leaving,
you’re not going out of my sight. I’m not leaving you Will,
like that’s all I think of. Like choice, this poor kid! – ♪ To whip it, whip it good ♪ – Aw, that was a good song!
– Now I can enjoy myself. – That was a good song. – (FBE) This final one
is a tricky one, so it’s worth two points
for the song title, and an extra two points
if you can guess the artist. Meaning, you can get a total of four points for answering
everything correctly. – Uh oh.
– Okay. – I feel like I’m better
at the obscure stuff. Alright, let’s go, I’m ready.
– Let me have a chance, he may beat me. – ♪ Silence, don’t walk ♪ (both laugh) – That’s what I feel like
Gumby’s voice would be. (singing badly) – ♪ Silence, don’t walk ♪ – Nope, next. – I don’t know the title! – Nope.
– No, nothing. – That’s all yours, dude. (laughs)
– Can we get 15 seconds? – ♪ Silence, don’t walk away ♪ ♪ In silence, see the danger ♪ – Mm-mm.
– What is this music? (bell rings)
– Don’t walk away. – (FBE) By?
– I’m just gonna say the title. Don’t Walk Away.
– (FBE) That is incorrect. (both laugh) – No idea, might as well
shoot my shot. (bell rings)
– In silence? (buzzer rings)
(bell rings) – Don’t Walk Away?
(buzzer rings) – Let’s put our heads together.
– Okay. (bell rings)
– Is it In Silence, by Morrisey? (buzzer rings)
– Okay, is it called Silence, and then by Rick Astley?
(buzzer rings) (bell rings)
– I’m guessing See the Silence, ’cause that’s the only lyric
that I can remember. – I’m just gonna guess,
throw out a random word here. Horizon?
(buzzer rings) – Silence?
(buzzer rings) That’s the one word
he said in the song. (bell rings)
– Quiet? (buzzer rings)
– Yeah, no, nothing, gotta give on this one. – Three.
(bell rings) – Forfeit. – (FBE) So this is Atmosphere
by Joy Division. – (both) Oh! – We love Joy Division!
– We do! – Joy Division!
Ohhhhhhh! – ♪ Danger ♪ – Pain! Sadness, I’m a teenager.
– ♪ Walk away ♪ – Sorry, but it just sounds so like–
– Oh no! – Anything going on.
– I just caught on to what’s going on. – Don’t be sad, mom.
– She has a thing for standing outside of doors crying.
– Just go through the door! – Definitely cried
during this scene, too. – Oh yeah.
– That song, it just hits different. – I like the feeling behind the song.
It feels punk. – It works in that scene for sure.
– Definitely. – (FBE) With a final score
of four to three, Ashby is the winner!
– What! – Good job!
– Yes! – Nice job man.
– I’m not proud. – I bow down to the queen. – We both won!
– I didn’t think I’d do it. – After the first point,
I was like, ah. – Yeah, let me chill.
– It’s game over. – Okay, we tied.
– Yeah. – If I can’t win, I’m happy to tie. – (FBE) Are you guys excited
for Stranger Things season three? – Yes!
– I’m excited. – The story’s developed really well, and it’s like the most iconic
show Netflix has. – I really hope that they go more
into like how Eleven was made, and what happened,
’cause they kinda hinted at it in the second one.
I hope there’s more of that in this next season. – Thanks for watching
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Team Jonathan for Steve in season 3 at the beginning I was waiting for Steve to get with Robin and then Robin come out




1 should i stay or should i go the clash
2 africa toto
3 every breath u take the police
4 wip it devo
5 atmosphere joy division
Lol i got all of these 😂😂😂

All the bad luck with people with B in stanger things who died

Season 1: Barb

Season 2: Bob

Season 3: Billy and Balexi

Steve: It means that he can bend like Gumbo.
Robin: You mean Gumby?
Steve: Nah, I’m pretty sure it’s Gumbo.

Ugh, one of the most played songs and no one can get it right! (Every Breathe You Take – The Police!)

4:03–4:05 Michelle complaining she doesn’t know the title. Girl, if you had been quiet you would have heard it!!! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

To throw them off, you should've had The Ice God of Hungary by Glitter Job, from the BLR parody in there, as a bonus question.

How this people don't know this songs, like HELLO??? Africa is ICONIC and Every breath you take is iconic too

definitely recognized almost every song but still definitely did not know any of the titles or artists

Ill be missing you!? Its not hip hop version. You kids need to appreciate the 80s , hell
All your hits seem to come from there.

@REACT…ARE YOU SURE THAT ALL OF YOUR CAST WERE BORN IN THE 80's? Because it looks like some of them weren't born in the 80's.

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