Guess That Reality Star Product (GAME)


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hey i want link to answer this question please let him see this comment, anyway link did u star in "it chapter two" it looks like you

Botox, plastic surgery, augmentations, loads of make-up… Typical 40 year old woman. Tsktsktsk why can't woman just embrace their natural beauty?

asks to confirm a drink be thrown in a face as a punishment Clearly you have not seen what goes on in this show if you're questioning THAT

Faux fur products make me sick. Think of how many cute little fauxes were skinned to make than heinous coat. Had to be at least 100 of those little guys. 😭

Have to throw my vote in please have GARRETT WATTS on GMM 🤞☺ also, I really loved the episode! She was such fun to watch, I feel like her mature personality gives you guys a funny pop because of the difference in personality ❤ keep up the amazing work

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