Guaynaa “Rebota” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Rebota is like bounce. Yeah, yeah. When you
dance, when you shake your body, sometimes parts of your body bounce. Obviously if you
are Latina you’re going to be bouncing with dembow. I was hearing a song of a Dominican guy. His
name is N-Fasis I don’t know if you know that song. The song says, “P’arriba, pa’ bajo,
lento, lento”. So I heard that track and I was like, “That’s what the type of track
that I’m looking for,” so I showed the reference to a guy, Charlie Way. I asked him if he got
a friend that make tracks or something like that so he sent the reference to a friend
that we got in Miami, Kino. He heard the reference and he made another track and he sent me back
the track like next day, so I write “Rebota” maybe in 20 minutes or something like that. Mamarre come from Jamaican voices in a movie.
The guy that was making the track, they take the voices and they put it on the track, and
I delete the voices and I make it with my voice and a filter. So really really really,
I don’t know what means, “mamarre”, but it sounds good. I don’t know how to say it in English because
it’s like, she killed the leg when she dance dembow. Puerto Rican words. No Spanish words,
Puerto Rican words. I feel that the reggaeton, the dembow, are
rhythms that make us dance. It’s music that we dance since when we are on our mother’s
belly. You got 18 years old so you are now allowed.
I just want to sleep in your Cayey boobs. Those are two mountains in Puerto Rico, in
Cayey. They’re called the boobies of Cayey, the Cayey boobies, because looks like that.
When you are driving and you’re watching the mountains, they look like two boobies. Charlie Way was the guy that record “Rebota.”
He’s my personal friend. I just like to involve everybody in the letter of the music because
it’s a teamwork. It’s not just a face. I am the face of “Rebota” but, behind me we
got a lot of people making work, like working tough to be here, and working together with me to
make “Rebota” a big hit. “Porque tu tienes la Bemba, Bemba colora”. I’m half Puerto Rican, half Cuban. My house, I was hearing salsa everywhere. So, yeah,
I love Celia Cruz. “Asume y Hacienda” in Puerto Rico are
the companies taking charge your salary to pay child support. For you, I don’t have problem
if I need to pay child support or something like that. I know that I don’t got a recent
one. That’s what we think sometimes. The concept of the song was that lady that
walk in front of me and I just can’t do nothing. Sometimes girls just know that she look beautiful,
she look pretty, and she just want to go out and just have fun and feel like appreciate,
so that’s the way that I look her and I just write it on a song. She got me unknowing what I’m going to do.
She got me nervous, she got me desperate. She got me in love. “Marrayo parta que presión” that’s Puerto
Rican words. It’s like, “Oh my gosh, what a pressure.” If you eat pork chops, I don’t know pork
meat, whatever. You need to go to Puerto Rico to Guavate. The adults go there to have fun
on the weekend, Fridays, so I’m saying that by you I’m going to Guavate with your father
and your mother to eat pork. When I finish recording “Rebota” Charlie Way told me,
like, “That’s a big hit,” and I was like, “You think so?” “Yeah, yeah. That’s
going to be a big hit.” I think that when you’re going to make a hit, doesn’t matter
where you are and with how many complications you have. The hit is gonna be a hit. I heard “Rebota“ everywhere in the cars
in the traffic lights, in the boats, in the jet skis. Wherever I stop in Puerto Rico,
I was hearing “Rebota” It was so crazy.


No había visto este tipo , con esa cara no parece quE fuera él quien cantara esa música tan horrible , parece monaguillo jajaja

Ste men sabe por lo menos que en este canal puede hablar en español, y que al final le ponen subtítulos al inglés para que los gringos entiendan ¿no? Como lo hicieron con Rosalía, Karol g, Anuel AA, etc.

Guaynaa: "Mamarre come from jamaican voices in a movie"
Subtitulos: Mamarre ES DECIR QUE quiero mamartela tu pito

Que subtitulos más precisos

Well dang, I didn't expect this sort of grittiness and flow coming out of a basic ass white boy. Pleasantly surprised. I see you, Guaynaa.

Este es Guayna??? 🤔🤔Este no tiene cara de decir: Y ELLA TIENE NALGA Y TETITA, NALGA Y TETITA😂😂😂parece que estudia en Harvard 😆👌💯

Genius: Oye Guaynaa explica el intelectual significado de tu cancion rebota para nuestro canal.

Guaynaa: Pues no hay significado no mames solo REBOTA REBOTA REBOTA no lo entiendas solo bailalo, muevelo y REBOTA 🤣

Y por qué hacerlo en inglés cuando la canción es en español XD me da gracia cuando dice “Mamarrue” con acento inglés

Alguien puede poner el fondo en blanco? y las partes donde explica en inlges.. sera Cagadisimo a las expliciones de Steve de Apple..

So, ¿"mamarre" doesn't mean ponerte hasta el c*lo de pedo? Khé -insértese cara de wtf con cerveza en mano-.

En México suelen decir "mámate marrano/becerro" para decir que tomes y tomes y tomes hasta no poder jajajajajaja.

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