Gravity – Microphone Stands with Round Base and 2-Point Adjustment Boom

Hi and welcome to the Adam Hall Group Studios. Today I’m going to be showing you this beautiful microphone stand from Gravity. In itself, it’s a fairly regular microphone stand with a regular boom but it does have a couple of special features which I would like to point out to you today. Let’s start off with the clutch. This is in itself and in its function also regular in that you open and close it to adjust the height. But in this case it is coated with a soft-touch finish which means that you have a mutch better grip on the clutch and it simply doen’t hurt your hands when you’re using it which you can’t say for a number of other mic stands. The inside of the tube is also polished which means that you have a very smooth up and down movement. The boom itself is 80 cm long which is roughly 31 inches. The stand itself ranges from 1 m all the way up to 1 metre 70 cm which is roughly 39 to 66 inches. The base has a circumferential rubber foot which means it goes all the way around and that’s important for the stability of the stand. As on all Gravity products, the knobs are special in that they are double injection moulded. That means that the inner material is a hard plastic such as ABS or nylon – it varies depending on which knob we’re talking about and the outer material is a so-called thermoplastic which is a kind of rubber. So you have a rubber finish here which is also very nice and comfortable to grip and also provides a far superior grip without hurting your hands while tightening and loosening the knobs. The mic clip retainer here on the front is also special. It’s not the regular metal type you might know, it’s a specially tooled plastic knob which has a far larger surface and allows you to loosen and tighten this area of the stand a lot easier and a lot more firmly. The stands come with a 3/8 inch thread, and also all come with an adapter to go up to 5/8 of an inch. The whole construction is of robust steel material. The boom hub is aluminium and all in all this is an extremely stable microphone stand. And as with all Gravity products, the rings are interchangeable and every stand comes with a set of black rings which you can put on instead of the green ones. Obviously, we also have the little brother here or sister which is just a shorter version of the regular height one. Thanks for watching and check us out on Bye bye!

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