GOT7 (갓세븐) – ‘THE END’ Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]


و الله بصير اسمع الأغنية قبل النوم تجنن

Yugyeoms part always makes me so emotional, his vocals are so amazing as well as the other members they 😭😭see you guys in July😘

I'll be onest. I really thought was another person and not Mark that wa singing. I was amazed… His vocal here is not a joke, is so soft and i love it so much.
His deep and soft and warm voice is amazing and i want to hear more from him

เพลงนี้เพราะมากอ่ะ ฟังแล้วเพลินดีชอบ รักนะgot7

Deym Bambam's part of I wanna love you over over again You're gonna hate me over over again like it hits me straight to my Hypothalamus….

I hope they sing dis song any kind of ceremony..i want other to hear not only fans ,how much they luv each and there universe ahgase..

Beside Mark's angle voice, the way Yugyeom sings those first line of the chorus almost brings tear to my eyes. And then in the last repeat of the chorus, Jinyoung's voice comes and deliver the message of a sad ending is like a fatal punch to my feel.

Mark?? I know he can sing but still.. Hearing him is like music for cleaning the soul… Perfect piece 👌

This song is so meaningful I really love it and YUGEYOMs unique voice is on an another level which suits the song really

I love Bambam’s part right here…actually I love all his parts in this song…nvm I love this entire song.


What a breath of fresh air hearing mark and Jackson singing! their bits were actually my favorite parts of the song.

sis dont even know got7 voices LMAO. what else can we expect from a filthy army? that mark singin is jackson tho. before making videos get to know the group…. gosh… armys are so annoying and dumb.

Bambam's voice is soo soothing it really touches our heart like wth man you need to sing even more than this you are so talented and a very HANDSOME GUY we Ahgases love you stay healthy and take care of yourself also the other members we love you guys so much you guys are so precious for us ahgases. WE LOVE YOU GOT7 🙂

Ohh wowww. I honestly love Bambam's part the most in this song. He sang it so well~~ i'm such a proud ahgase. I love all their voices in this song. They sang it beutifullyy😭❤️

Bam bam's bit is so well done it really adds something to this song dammnnn Im shook

Plus Mark's beautiful voice at 1:41 has gotten me shook. Is there no end to their talents🤯

Jinyoung is my ult bias and even my idol cause not just that he has soft voice,good looking and ofc peach🍑..I like the way he think,he very matured,he is future-minded about his life and all people around him,his beloved ones,he also must be knowledgeable since he really like to read book,I also like how he express his feeling and thought by creating a song,he maybe also already think about what he gonna do after GOT7's disbandment,like acting career and all stuff so I really idolize him that I think I should be like him even I can't dance,sing,act like him but have a same thinking and perspective like him could already be set as example for me and even for you guys..He could be an inspiration to us to live..

the day GOT7 disbands is too hard to think about ☹️
listening to these emotional lyrics our park jinyoung wrote make me cry 😭 #alwayswithGOT7💚

To Got7: even i stan u late but i never regret it.. Actually i found your song follow me at 2014 when i watch it in tv.. Start from that i heard your song as my sprit to do my homework.. Then when i in university, i start again listen your song and i already became your fan almost for 4years.. Even i listen other kpop group song, i never feel same like when i hear your song.. So please, go on to reach your dream.. Ahgase always behind you.. We never leave you guys.. So dont feel insecure about we leave you guys.. We dont! Proud to be your baby birds.. Let's make a bigger nest togetherrr! i know my english is broken, but i don't care as long you guys understand what i said

0:03 jinyoung
0:21 bambam
0:27 jackson
0:30 bambam
0:35 jackson
0:41 jb
0:51 jinyoung
1:01 yugyeom
1:10 youngjae
1:21 jackson
1:31 bambam
1:41 mark
1:45 jackson
1:49 mark
1:53 jackson
2:00 jb
2:09 jinyoung
2:20 yugyeom
2:29 youngjae
2:40 yugyeom
2:50 mark
2:58 jb
3:09 youngjae
3:18 jinyoung
3:29 yugyeom
3:38 youngjae
3:43 yugyeom
3:48 jb
3:53 jinyoung

Whenever I fall in love their songs, I found out that they are jinyoung's. His song always have some sort of nostalgic sound. And lyric is on point as well. His songs are easy, simple and lovely.

No… Please don't disband… U guys make a lot good songs even tho not so many people appreciate but ur songs make me live… Wth with disband… Please don't. Please stay as got7 until die.we sometime need this type of song in our life.

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