They both did good , but what made the video So Beautiful was it is obvious they really love each other and they stand by each other. Their love is Awesome and I hope it last.

When i say I loved that video this couple is amazing they must have so much fun together 😍 I'm looking for my special someone who we have that special connects like that it's just beautiful to see black love

At 0:47 in the video, the "newsman" says "here's Will, with living on a prayer." How does the newsman know his name if the singer never gave it? Whether this was staged or not, I can really care less…still funny as hell and it puts a smile on my face! 😁

When you’re feeling down, watch this. Better than any depression meds you will ever find. Life is good!

I've lost count of how many times I've watched this over the last several years, but it still makes me laugh every single time! Love these two! His wife dying of embarrassment in the car is hysterical!

This was absolutely awesome ! BUT…..yes ,unfortunately there is a BUT: The wife looked at the camera which tells me it was staged. Plus…..no one pulls up to the wrong side of the gas pump unless it was a rental car…..I’m a dreamer that’s all….lolol…..and so I dream of a world where all people were this cool WITHOUT it being staged……Oh and one more reason I know this was staged: in the very beginning, the wife would have DEFINITELY rolled down the window simply out of curiosity. She never did.

People are still coming here good for every one of you to much negative shit going on laughter is the best medicine music is the cure

This wasn’t proven as real or fake. I think it was Good Morning America who tried to expose this as staged, but it was never admitted either way.

But, the couple were actors who were also singers. And yes, they are/were a couple in real life.

So, either Leno’s show staged it, or this couple just so happened to be at the right place at the right time. Depends on which one you believe.

This is fake number one he knows the guys name number two they pull up to the wrong side of the gas number three the wife is already looking at the camera

Staged. What are the chances he accidently asks two pro singers randomly on a gas station. 1 in a trillion maybe less ? Can't believe how naive commenters are

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