FOH Engineer Gilles Olivesi talks about the 2028 Vocal Microphone from DPA

Hello, my name is Gilles Olivesi, I am a sound engineer. I mix mainly pop music and variety songs. I work a lot with vocal microphones from DPA. The d:facto, in its linear version this is the one I like the most and I recently had the opportunity to compare this d:facto to DPA’s new vocal microphone, the 2028 and I will admit that I was impressed by the quality of this microphone. Mainly in terms of timbre, voices are coming through very well low mids are very pretty without being too much. It shines a little more than DPA’s linear version without really becoming too harsh. I was really convinced I could have kept it that night as vocal mic for my artist if I needed to. It would not have changed a whole lot, in fact. Voila! I am really impressed.

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