FNAF the Musical – SISTER LOCATION: Blood & Tears (Live Action) [By Random Encounters]

Trapped beneath the ground. Locked away where we won’t be found. No one knows we’re here. But the day draws near. I will leave this place ending all the fears I faced. If I could go free, would they come re-capture me? And I won’t forgive the pain or forget the years full of blood and tears. No more shocks and burns. No more tests, no more lessons learned! Here we draw the line… Etched in blood of mine! I would risk it all for a chance to breach these walls. I would roll the dice… offer any sacrifice and I won’ live one more day with these broken gears full of blood and tears. So Baby No more crying! Only chaos! No relying on someone to save us! If you only knew all the things that I’ve been through! If I had your soul, would it lift me from this hole? Be my hands forever stained with a thousand smears full of blood and – tears! AJ: Come on, come on, come on, Phone voice. Thank you for… AJ: Yes! Hello I have an emergency! I need somebody… *”Baby I love you” plays* AJ: No, no, no, no, no, no! *”Baby I love you” plays* Phone guy: Uh…Hello? Phone guy: Hello? AJ: Please help me! You gotta help me! I don’t know what happened! Baby just went crazy! *Fast mumbling into the phone* I can’t do this anymore, I need a transfer You-you know I-I just got an opening for a security guard at Freddy Fazbear’s Yes! Yes! Anything! I-I’ll be there on Monday Excelent FNAF: Sister Location FNAF: Sister Location
Blood and Tears Hey j I’m AJ And I’m Miss Bird Thank you guys so much for watching! If you like the son download it! Yeaah! Or you can watch more musicals like this one with slugs in it! Yeaah! Slugs! Or the one on Miss Bird’s channel Yeaah! My channel! You can even watch more FNAF if you use the links in the description below Down there! See you when I see you Beard salute! Ooooooh! Special thanks to our patreon encounterers like Patricia Subcribe


so AJ gets to work in baby circus but wait..

How is the employee as a reincarnation of elizabeth. Wouldnt baby be deactivated and let himself feel pain by his father..

Seriously no one makes comments complimenting actually good singers.
I always find okay singers on YouTube being called amazing singers in their comment sections.
This lady that played Baby, if she did sing that song, her voice is really amazing and I don't see people mentioning it much.

You know the woman with this voice is play the baldis busics musical, granny musical, baldis big zoo musical, baldis camping, END this musical now you know is 100% VERY GOOD

you know that time you try to do that trick ware you rip the table cloth off and everything on the table still stays on it?

2:57 that was me the first time including the cloth ripping sound

Baby’s so creepy imagine she grabbed us and captured us and almost killed and I save them and she captured me and I die

So mattpat is phone guy and aj is purple guy but mattpat is the killer so purple guy didn't kill anybody so the roles are switched

which top i'm a big fan of fnaf and sister location and scotte catwol is going to launch another game and it'll be in the 80's

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I like how when it said “to save us” I like how you understood it was Elizabeth and baby…or it was a coincidence and I’m overthinking again..

Hold up why is the only one here why did you like no funtime Freddy and like and like funtime foxy and brawler and marinas bon-bon

This song is good and I watch five nights of freddy's this song is amazing I love it circus baby is favourite character so fine

There should be a whole musical for this but it’s like the 5 part musical 3 years ago but with all the originals where phone guy gets out of prison

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