FIx Internal Microphone not working in Windows 10 (2 Possible Solutions)

FIx Internal Microphone not working in Windows 10 (2 Possible Solutions) Method #1 Right click on windows start button control panel hardware and sound sound recording right click and enable show disabled devices enable microphone adjust mic volume level to the maximum please adjust the boost level as well now go to listen tab and enable continue running when on battery method #2 go to device manager update microphone select audio endpoint please restart your computer to apply the changes


um… I need help… it does NOT want to work for me. I have a pair of razor electros V2. and it SHOULD detect the mic right? WRONG! it doesn't… I need help ASAP. thank you in advance bro.


The second choice (driver) did the job for me. Thank's a million. It was well explained and easy to follow.

Basically my problem is that i'm using headphones with a microphone on it. I went to the sound settings and it says that my microphone wasn't getting detected because it was plugged in the audio jack. pls help

Thanks for the tips. They didn't work for me, but I def. learned somethin new. I had to go to the creator of my motherboard's website (ASUS) and download the sound drivers, then install the latest ones; it fixed it for me, so do that if this doesn't work for you for w/e reason.

when I click the unmute button in the little box it does nothing and the mute sign doesn't come up ? help pleaseeeee

This totally worked! I couldn't enable my internal microphone (external jack mic was enabled instead)from the "settings" area. Going in through control panel got me where I needed to go. Thanks! Now instead of Cortana not being able to hear me at all, she can misunderstand everything I say! 😀

THANK THE LORD AND YOU. I have been struggling with uploading my video from my phone on my college website. So when i resorted to using my laptop camera and the microphone was not working i started freaking out. This saved my ass when my assignment video is due tomorrow. You are a life saver 😀

I know this video was uploaded a long time ago and you'll most probaby not see my comment. But on my pc i cant "enable" the microphone as there is no option for it. They both say not plugged in…so i dont know if thats the problem? if anyone who might be able to help PLEEEEEEASSSSSSSE! i need that help.

my issues is, the dam headphone sound it ti loud…i can hear some sort of buzz sound like its set to max volume on my speaker phone but it is not….wth do i do

I've spent maybe 2 hours trying to fix my microphone not working and 0:59 solved it for me! Thank you so much! (as an aside, Lenovo/Windows 10 just frustrated me right now because it turns out my mic was on mute, and I had NEVER gone in and muted it)

my recording shows that its speakers and mic isnt plugged in although it is and it records all my pc not mic anyone know fix?

The only one that finally worked for me :

Press Windows logo Key + X
Click on Device manager
Expand Sound, video and game controllers
Right click on Realtek High Definition Audio
Choose Uninstall
Restart your computer and your problem is solved.

You're welcome

I had forgotten to check the level, and this helped thanks a bunch. I like your music too. I think you are one happy person who makes their life simple.

Bhai bhai bhai bhai thanks yrrrrrrrr this video is very very help for me thanks u are too good bro 😭😭😭
Thanks bhai ab mera mic thick ho gya thanks 😍

Omg. I don't care if this video is old af but thank you so god dang much! You helped me out a tone and I can't thank you any more then I already am!

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