First Time Hearing Morissette Amon – Singer Songwriter Reacts (Rise Up)

Hi everyone my name is Caleb Coles, I’m
an Australian singer-songwriter. Today I’m gonna be reacting to and
analysing Morissette Amon singing Rise Up. This is the first time I’ve heard her
sing and I thank everyone who’s been leaving comments recently and been
suggesting various artists. This one has been requested a fair amount of times so
I’m really looking forward to hearing it. Well if you enjoy this video make sure
to subscribe let’s get straight into it. Yeah fantastic. So for those who aren’t familiar with my reacting style I
generally only stop it once or twice or maybe three times during the actual song
then I go back and react a bit more deeply. But straight off the bat she
had this beautiful light tone and a very obvious head voice tone that was a more
disconnected one and now in this chorus she’s got this more full kind of mixed
voice sound. And she’s got those smoky kind of onsets and offsets, where offsets
meaning the end of the note on sets meaning the starts of the notes where it
almost cracks a little bit, just a bit of smokiness but the actual core of the
note is very bright and robust. And yeah sounds really great let’s keep watching. Yeah she’s doing an
excellent job at telling this story through her voice. In that last verse
before this chorus you could see where she, you know, she had a hand down here
and she was she was thinking about what she was singing. An the lyrics being you
know rise up – that moving mountains image which is kind of an old biblical image
about nothing being impossible. So this is a really cool song that you
can see she’s right into and I really like that that smokiness to her voice.
I’m calling it smoky because that’s just what it sounds like to me but it’s again
the core of her tone is actually very bright and resonant and ringy but
she brings this beautiful texture to it that’s really cool. Yeah that was a
wonderful performance she has a lot of different tones to her voice that she
brings in. She doesn’t just do one thing. She has that beautiful little bit of
distortion that she adds into the low end, she’s got that disconnected head
voice sound but a very pure pretty head voice sound, and then that very open
slightly rounded but very open mouth shape she uses to get a really great
resonance. Let’s quickly listen to some of the good parts, I got my keyboard here
and we’ll analyse this a little bit more deeply. So you hear that on that low note she
she adds a little bit of kind of over compression to the voice but in a
healthy way. she’s not too tense here and then she goes up higher
too. So she goes up to the F so the “we will rise” is the c-sharp and then she
goes up to an F. Yeah and then again a little bit of distortion there and she
she hits the F again. Did you see there she doesn’t have her tongue
in a high position or much strain here, it’s a wonderful wonderfully open sound
with it with a great brightness now I can hear in that tone she’s adding extra
weight to give it that sound. What I mean by that is she’s not leaning into a mix
voice and then letting the resonance do the work. It is a mixed voice but what
she’s doing is she’s pushing as much kind of low energy into the sound as
possible to give it that belty sound. Now she’s doing it in a fairly healthy
way you can see there’s not a lot of strain here and it’s got this beautiful
smokiness. Obviously when you do sing in that tone you have to be very careful,
she’s not singing it in the same way as say someone like So Hyuang was doing it –
she had a huge amount of power but she got that power more from a balanced
mixed voice with with a very large amount of resonance where Morissette
here is is using a slightly different technique where she’s pushing more low
energy up. She does need to be careful that she doesn’t overdo that because
that is how people like Mariah Carey and others have actually damaged their voice –
Christina Aguilera’s well on the same path to that. But it sounds like
Morissette has much less tension when she’s doing it so it sounds very healthy.
So yeah wonderful performance the storytelling is right there, it’s
really really cool. Ahe goes up to the the A-sharp in this beautiful kind of
head voice at one point. Thanks for recommending it everyone I really did
enjoy this and if you enjoyed this video or you’ve got any other recommendations
leave a like, leave a comment, subscribe to this channel. Thanks so much guys I’ll
see you in the next video.


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Youtube deleted the original video. Allegedly because it got more likes and views than the original artist's MV.

She normally does not have the Smokey sound or raspy sound. She was actually very ill and had a very high temperature while recording this. Even while sick she is incredible!!!!!

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Great job nice comments wonderful well explained 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇺🇸🇳🇿🇸🇭🇬🇧🇯🇵🇰🇷🇨🇦 thanks. To youuuuuuu.

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The only way I can describe Morissette's talent is that when she sings, she inspires and makes you happy. I've never seen a singer who sing a song in such a way that brings out the full emotion and meaning of the words come alive in the right way. It makes you as a listener feel it in your gut too. To top it all of, Morissette's demeaner and humility makes her one of the very best singer to listen to. In my opinion, she is a rare talent.

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