FIRST SINGING POLITICAL wins The Voice | Winner’s Journey #22

The winner of the voice is… … is Jermain! Well… what’s your name? My name is Jermain Jackman. And were you from, Jermain? I’m from Hackney, East London. I know people who’ve been
stabbed and killed… … because they live in the wrong area. And that really
left me with something… … saying “this needs to change.” I’m really passionate about two things:
that’s music and that’s politics. There are many
wrong stereotypes…. … about young people
from every generation. We think about these inner-city
children… … from the prior backgrounds
they’re nothing but hoodlums… … and things like that,
is the thing where… There’s a barrier that
stops you from progressing. And those are the barriers
that I want to break down. And do you sing a lot?
– Yeah, I sing a lot. I sing in church, I sing in venues,
I sing for charities. I volunteer a lot,
I’m into politics as well, so… Oh. In politics as well? Yes, I’m the Youth Coordinator for
Hackney in the Labour Party. Oh. So you’re a
singing politician then. There’s a headline… That said I’ll be the first
singing black Prime Minister. I was telling Ricky like:
“Yo, hit that button.” But you sounded wonderful… … so I was like:
‘this singer is too good… …to let him walk’. He needs to be on the show. So I’m like, you know what? Forget it. Thank you so much, thank you. And what’s crazy fresh is… I think you’re supposed
to be on my team. Because a lot of the work that I
do in America… …is also out here in East London,
where you’re from. I think you’re supposed
to be on my team… So we can, like, you know,
come up with things… … that we can do together… On a philanthropic thing… …while we’re out here doing, like,
the singing stuff… That’ll be crazy fresh,
this is dope. Of course. Sarah, she’s just like a diva. And I love watching her sing,
when she lights up. She just enjoys every note. Jermaine’s… I just love the way
he moves his little head, like… … just old-school. He’s gonna be special, that kid. We actually met a year ago,
at Hackney weekender… I’ve got a picture here.
– Oh, shucks. I met the year before,
at this music festival. I rambled to you:
“oh, I sing…” And you said: “Yeah, audition for The Voice
and see where you get.” Who would have thought,
I would turn around, that’s nuts. The person I told to audition,
I’m the only one turned for. Talk about faith. When we get the band in… … and we take this to battle night. We gonna tear down
the house tonight! Jermain, the soul and the depth
of your voice is undeniable. It’s like it just drips. I have to say on that one,
Jermain got me there. So… I was backstage, right? This is real stuff,
this is real stuff. You came up to me
at Hackney weekend. I’m getting ready to go
on stage to do my part… … and he’s like: “yo, I sing”… I’m like: “oh, really?
You should join The Voice then.” And I feel that this is kismet. Like it’s supposed
to happen like this. What are the odds,
of you seeing me at a show… And I say “go to The Voice”,
and then… I’m the only one that
turned around for the guy. I think I’m supposed
to see him through. I’m gonna… … keep Jermain moving through. Jermain Jackman! You’re good?
– I’m alright. How have you been? It’s so crazy to think that
I met at this music festival… And he said that I need to
audition on the show. What’s been going on
outside the show? So I met the leader of the Labour Party…
– The leader of the what? It’s a bit like,
Democrats in America. I’m very passionate about two things:
that’s music and that’s politics. Being the first singing
black Prime Minister… … is definitely on my to-do list. I want to use this opportunity
to inspire more young people. And by being in this competition… I’m going to show that
these things are possible. It’s 10 o’clock, I’m John Peter. Labour leader Ed Miliband
joined me live. And 19 year old
Jermain Jackman. Music is my first love and
if I can involve politics in it, I will. It’s now time to
bring out the big guns. I’m gonna treat it like an election
campaign, I’m gonna build up to it. And do my absolute best
and show people… … that their votes
are not being wasted. I’ll wear this ribbon with pride… And make sure that, you know,
you’re going to be supported. Fingers crossed, he’s gonna be
there Saturday night, texting along. The whole live aspect is
the thing that I’m more scared about… … because anything can happen. I’m not ready to go home, no.
Not ready to go home, not yet. I wish we had more politicians
with moves like that. You could sing us the budget,
and we’d take it. Yeah, everyone here loved it, right? You have a tremendous voice,
a tremendous range. And I think you sang that song,
really, really, really well. Thank you so much.
-And I think it’s great. Got to throw that in there.
No, it was great, honestly. I love Bruno Mars, but you sung
it the way Luther would have sung it. And it sounds freakin’ amazing.
– Thank you so much, thank you so much. Family is one of the
most important things to me. There’s nothing better than… … going home and seeing
all the people that you love. I’m one of five, I have three older brothers
and one twin sister. She’s three minutes older,
she never lets me forget that. When we were young, He would just jump up
and dance in front of the tv. Even though he can’t dance. You can’t dance still.
You can do one two, one two step. Jermain is the biggest momma’s boy I know. I’m definitely a mommy’s boy. I love my mum. We go shopping… … we go out… … we always love to chill. My older brothers are all hard… They don’t wanna show
no emotion. Not on tv. I was like: “guys, I got through
to the quarter finals” Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m very proud of Jermain. But I feel I carried in there
for the both of us. Because he never really
shows us the nerves at all. I definitely feel Jermain is in good
hands working with Jermain, I am your father. What?! Just kidding,
I’m joking. I’m loving being on The Voice. I could never done it without
the support, the love and the care of my family. I definitely go out tonight
and make my family proud. First off, when I said it was cool
you saw the snow… And then he heated it up, brought the fire,
y’all saw the flames. A man that just loves to entertain… … just took his time and
hit you with the flame… … and a long note,
I timed it. I was like, okay, hold it, hold it, hold it…
explode it, bam! I have no idea
what’s happening today. Will just told me to come
to this hotel in central London. Good evening, senator. This is my good suit. A couple of months ago
Prince Andrew reached out to me… … to be a part of
this thing called ‘IDEA’. So today we’re going to be launching
that program at Buckingham Palace. And I think you should,
you know, come with me. Definitely not many people get a chance
to go to Buckingham Palace. Now I know why I have to be
suited and booted. So let me fix my tie
and get ready. Looking real smart.
– Looking smart? Well, you are smart.
– You look smart, that’s about it. Just kidding. Are you excited to go to the palace?
– Very excited. Living my wildest
dreams when I think… I’ll be sitting in the cab
with… Going to Buckingham Palace
to meet Prince Andrew. Are you nervous?
– Yeah. What are you nervous about?
You ain’t speaking. I know! This is a amazing opportunity… For the unlikely candidate,
to bring something to society. This is truly a day
I’ll never forget. I did get a chance
to meet Prince Andrew. Surprisingly he knew who I was
and he knew that I was on team Will. And he wished me
the best of luck. Feels amazing to have
fans in such high places. You know, like, when you come
from, like, bad neighborhoods… … or neighborhoods that
don’t have funding for education. And you’re, you know,
all you have to rely on is your family… … and your friends. The only thing to keep you
out of that nightmare is imagination… … and dreaming
your way out of that. And Jermain is one of those guys
who’s gonna take the success… And change Hackney.
He’s doing it now with no succes. You’re successful, because your
heart is determined. With success you are gonna
do amazing things. It’s like… it hasn’t hit me,
it really hasn’t hit me. What is your song?
How about wrecking ball? So I was thinking…
hold on a second… Have you seen that music video?
I’m not doing that at all. You think I’m gonna suggest you come out
butt naked on a wrecking ball? What kinda show
do you think this is? It’s out of my comfort zone,
but I trust him… … so, yeah,
I’ll be doing wrecking ball. The opportunity to go home
before the finals. It was just what I needed. When I walked through the door,
I never expected that many people. I struggled to
get through a crowd. It felt so good to know,
that there’s so much support out there. Jermain is not only representing the family,
he’s representing Hackney! Go Jermain! If Jermain wins The Voice… We’ll have a reception for him
at the Town Hall… There’ll be dancing in the streets
and we’re all be singing his song. This is your granny,
and I hope that you will win. I love you so much. Seeing all those people
with their smiles on their faces… Makes me realize that
winning is not only just for me… …but it’s for them too. I’m really proud of Jermain. And I’m so happy that
you’re my finalist on the team. You know how to… You know, see an obstacle,
figure out how to go over it… …around it, through it, under it… Will are you on the phone? Hello, I’m on TV right now. Yes. Cheryl, I’ll call you back,
Jermain was great. Who is that, Will? What? Cheryl said you were amazing.
– Who said? Cheryl just said you’re amazing,
Cheryl Cole… Cheryl Cole?
– … said you were freaking awesome. Oh my God! Next time, I’m putting my wrist off. But you were freaking awesome,
I’ll shut up now. The winner of The Voice is… … is Jermain!



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