Finding Time to Practice Singing | A Lesson Excerpt

It makes
me think of a memory of I was studying at a
theater school in New York, and one of the classes
was song interpretation. And the classes went all day,
and it was very, very intense, and I was living
on Staten Island. And so, I would
jump on the train after whatever the
evening activity was, and the subway, and I’d
get down to south ferry, and I’d jump on the boat
to go to Staten Island, and some nights it was a close
call, but I always made it. And I would find a little place
on one of the outside decks, on the midnight boat sometimes,
where there wasn’t anybody ’cause it was quiet
and late at night. And that’s my rehearsal space
for my monologues and my songs that I had to have
ready, because that
was part of the day. Like, I just, I had that
half an hour on the boat that I knew every night
that I could prep. Was it enough time sometimes?
No. I had to find other times too. But it was sort of
a constant fixture. We can, I say this
to students a lot, especially high school
students, college students, we can feel like
it’s impossible, and
there’s no time left, but if we just take a
breath and honestly look, and think, “Okay, how can
I find those 10 minutes? “How can I find a moment
to just reflect back “on what I thought I
learned yesterday?” There is space. Sometimes it’s multitasking,
but there is space, and it is possible. So, don’t give up on
finding the time you need to do what you
need, and can, do.

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