Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel – II. Lost Butterfly Theme Song – “I beg you” by Aimer [Full]

I beg for your pity I beg for your grief as if gently touching a fallen tiny bird Holding back your tears, and looking down Saying how pathetic it was I don’t care even if I fall because of the tip of my shoes You said you don’t mind getting dirty so please take these full of mud hands Hey, let’s dance as forming a circle Let’s eat all those rabbles that form such an eyesore Spice will be tasted the best if it’s in intolerable level Frightened small bird can’t even say good-bye Sinking into silence with an act begging for love
Trying to stay quiet Lie, Lie, it’s a Lie not a lie, It’s already too painful I severely get hurt Anybody must want to go to the gentle world Let’s melt into one Let’s stuff our mouth and munch completely all hatred and love Inside the holy grail that full of sweet, sweet chaos I vaguely laugh because I think I miss you I know you’re here to stay with me I just want to be loved Lie, Lie, Lie, you’re to be with me In the spot where thunder blooms Such a tragic heavenly feeling I hope nothing but love will remain Nothing but sorrow is endlessly falling and piling up Packed with nothing but desire and regret Tied a bond, Will all my scars of that far spring day completely disappeared? And finally, decaying lights inside the sparkling dreams will definitely reach you So dazzling that I can’t stop my tears Hey, I beg you to stay by my side to take these full of mud hands Never let go of it I beg you to stay by my side forever Never let go of it
It’s getting dark, please stay by my side Never let go of it, I can’t see anymore
Just stay by my side, forever Never let go of it Just loving you, forever


AIMER excellent music and picture the Fate Stay Heavens Feel the movie…. Thanks for the new song 🎶🎶🎶🎶❤️❤️😍😍

Every year or so, fate is always their to save the anime industry
And Aimer is right there with them!

Can't take this much hype knowing i'll have to wait months before seeing the movie. If i could i'd go to Japan just for watching this.

💖🤩Amazing music and song😘💖
💖😘Beautiful job my friend🤩💖
💖😍💖Beautiful photos💖😍💖

This theme SCREAMS "Shit's going down and masters and servants are gonna get HELL wrecked!"
I haven't seen the first movie but I can only IMAGINE what servants are left and how that would affect the rest of the battle for the grail

After reading all the routes for the Visual novels in a 100% walkthrough and now in Hollow Ataraxia, I can't wait for this movie

When release the movie?i know will release on 12 jan But on the Internet or just as a movie and it comes out a year later for us?

Look at what we have here, A song that will get me hyped for a movie that i'm only going to be able to watch in ~may or whatever.

At AX 2015 i got too see aimer live at the Fate/UBW along with ayano mashiro. Aimer has ridiculous vocals. She is my favourite Japanese singer.

After listening every Aimer song, now I don't know who is my favorite female singer: her, or Amy Lee…
Personally, I think they have the best female voices in all the actual music worldwide, but I repeat, it's just my opinion…
I just love this song, and feel blessed of having the chance of listened it today xD

Wasn't keen on this song at first but it's pretty damn good after you get what they were going for and how it represents the movie. 4*'s

I beg for your pity  
As if gently touching a fallen tiny bird 
I beg for your grief
Hold back your tears, look down on it
And say how pathetic it was
I don't care if I fall because of the tip of my shoes 
You said you don't mind getting dirty, so please take these hands full of mud

Hey, let's dance as we form a circle 
Let's eat all the rabble, they're such an eyesore 
Spice will taste the best if it's so intolerable

The frightened little bird 
Can't even say good-bye  
With an act begging for love 
Sinking into silence, trying to stay quiet 

Lie Lie It’s A Lie 
Not A Lie, it's too painful, I'm hurt 
In this kind world everyone wants to live in

Let's melt into one  
And completely devour all hatred and love
Let's stuff our mouths with it
Inside the Holy Grail, full of sweet, sweet chaos 

I vaguely laugh because I think I miss you 
I know you’re here to stay with me 
I just want to be loved 
Lie Lie Lie, You’re to be with me 
In the place torn by thunder 
Such a tragic Heavenly Feeling 
I hope nothing but love will remain 

Nothing but sorrow is falling and piling up 
Full of nothing but desires and regret 
We bonded, left a scar, on a far spring day 
If it hurts, will it disappear? 

Finally, in a sparkling dream
The decaying lights 
Will surely reach you 
So dazzling, I can't stop my tears 

Hey, I beg you to stay by my side
Take these hands full of mud 
Never let go of me, I beg you to stay by my side forever 
Never let go of me, when it gets dark, stay by my side  
Never let go of me, I won't say it, just stay by my side forever
Never let go of me, forever I will love you

Can I watch the movie without watching any other fate things? I just play fgo since I never found out where to start the anime, Altria is my favorite character tho

Im here its the 12th of january 2019, and im waiting for a french subtitled version, i may choose the english one if y I have no choice

fate 2006: Bien, veamos como nos va, ni nosotros tenemos fe en el proyecto
Fate UB/W 2014: Bien, la neta si tenemos miedo de cagarla, asi que continuemos lo que hicimos con Fate Zero y el primer Fate, pero con ufotable
Fate Heavens Feel: Y si nos dejamos de mamadas y adaptamos aunque sea un arco de buena manera, total el dinero nos sobra con Fate Grand/order.

I payed 40$ to watch this movie in special screenings. (in korea)
And I think it was really good choice.

What have I done

With that ending Lost Butterfly gave us and then this song plays out, it's just really so twisted and disturbing, just brilliant

Sex scene was good
The Movie was great!

Start was talk talk talk and not much fighting….. 3rd movie is bound to be good

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