External Microphone for Windows Laptop – Podacasting Facebook Skype USB Microphone for Vocals

Connecting an external microphone to a Windows
laptop is extremely easy with a USB mic. And this mic from Callany is a great inexpensive
solution! It’s not the highest quality but will work
if you’re on a budget. It comes with a pop filter and mounting arm,
plus it’s packaged with a shock mount and mini tripod. But it’s a bit of a bummer that this tripod
only works with microphone mounts and not cameras so there’s no quarter twenty screw
here. The shock mount helps the mic float and absorb
vibrations and comes with two extra replacement rubber bands. Mounting the pop filter arm is easy. Just slip the arm into the holes at the top
and tighten the screws. Then the pop filter just screws onto the arm
like this. The filter isn’t always necessary but if you
talk close to the mic it’s a good idea to have it on. To use the mic, just plug it into the USB
port on your computer and it should be recognized in a few seconds. On Windows, the mic is identified as CD04
on the USB input. And I can see that it’s connected properly! So it’s really easy to use. Here’s just a quick sample I recorded from
the Callany mic. Ok so this is the USB microphone plugged into
my PC. I’m using Adobe Audition CC 2018 and I’m recording
a quick track for you here for you so you can hear the sound quality of this USB mic. This microphone would work well in an office
setting or podcasting studio where the mic can just sit on a table and you can just speak
right into it at your office chair so again this is just a quick test of the USB microphone
plugged into my computer using Adobe Audition CC 2018. The Callany USB mic is great for podcasting,
vocals and streaming audio. But it also works for online video chatting
such as Skype, Facebook and YouTube live. If you enjoyed this video please hit the thumbs
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Very good video, and thank you for reviewing this mic, because I was looking for just that for my stream 🙂

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