Escapism – Steven Universe Karaoke


Hey idk if you remember me but I just wanted to say that the ball dance theme has been released on one of the composers Twitter
Here's a video link:

I posted on a previous one from 8 months ago, but this is the one I would love to do a cover for. Can I use this audio with credit to you, please? 🙂

I guess I have to face
That in Smash Brothers game
There's not a trace of, shadow…
But hey, ridley is here.
And he even make fear.
But I can't stop thinking of shadow..
I guess i'll make
A Mii
A Mii
I guess I'll make
Mii Mii Mii.
like shadow

Quizás he de aceptar
que en este atroz lugar
más vale actuar y no dudar
por flujos contrariar
en mi hay un pesar
que ya prefiero no llevar
y ser así
libre sí
libre sí
y ser así
libre sí
Libre si
Libre sí
Libre sí
De aqui

I used this in a brazilian cover and want to say thank you for release this karaoke!!!

Those 7 dislikes are…
White Diamond, White/Pink pearl, Controlled blue and yellow diamond, and Garnet, pearl, and amethyst controlled.

Hey Phizzy, can you please make a karaoke of the new version of We Are The Crystal Gems that we got in Change Your Mind?

Ku terpaksa hadapi,
Yang di, tempat teruk ini,
Ku tak patut ragu-ragu…
Tapi, bila ditolak,
Ku merasai pedih,
Yang ku tidak mahu rasa..
Aku mahu, bebas,
Aku mahu bebas,
dari siniii.

just a friendly malaysian version from me 🙂

Letra :
Y asi debo enfrentar
Que en este feo lugar
Lo que no puedo hacer es dudar
Nadar contra corriente me hace doler la mente
Y ya prefiero no pensar
Yo quiero ser
Libre (x3)
Yo quiero ser
Desde aquí

Hi!!! I really hope you don't mind but I sampled your karaoke version of this song for an original song that I made (it's posted on my channel)! I hope you like it *:・゚✧

I totally love what you made! Theres just one problem.. its my voice ://

I guess I have to face, that is in this awful face.
I shouldn't show a trace of face.
But pulled against the face. I feel a little face.
That I would rather do without..

I'd rather be faaaccceee

I'd rather be faaaccceee
from here.

Y así debo enfrentar, que en éste feo lugar, lo 
que no puedo hacer es dudar.
Nadar contra corriente, me hace doler la mente, y ya
prefiero no pensar.

Yo quiero ser, libre, libre, libre.
Yo quiero ser, libre, libre, libre.
Libre, libre.
Libre, libre, desde aquí

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