Ep. 5 “What’s The Point Of Lip Trills?” – Voice Lessons To The World

♬ Hi everybody,
my name is Justin Stoney and I’m the founder of
New York Vocal Coaching here in
New York City. Welcome to
episode five of Voice Lessons To The world. The show where we want to
help you guys as singers and answer your questions
from all over the world. And I’ll give you a chance
to ask questions later. But for right now we
actually have our first international question ever. We’re very excited about this. This one comes from Danielle S. in Amsterdam, Netherlands. And Danielle says, “Dear Justin,
I’m a beginning singer and everybody tells me I
need to practice lip trills. What’s the point of these? Do they actually work?” I like that question
a lot Danielle. Thanks so much for that. And that’s right,
lip trills are a very stereotypical exercise
that singers do. Everybody knows them,
everybody does them. A lot of people are
doing them but they’re not even sure why
they’re doing them. They’re just doing them because they
want to become a better singer. And today we’re going to
talk about what they are, why they’re helpful, and
are they actually effective. Now what they are – First of all,
let’s try this together. So just kinda put
your lips together and try to make
this sound for me. Just do a…
[ Lip trill ] Try that out. That’s it. [ Lip trill ] And not everybody’s
gonna be able to do this. But, a lot if you will. Just practice it if
you have trouble. Put your lips together and…
[ Lip trill ] Great. Now we’re going to try
a low sound with it. So just do a… [ Lip trill ] One more of those. [ Lip trill ] Great. Now take it up high. [ Lip trill ] And one more. [ Lip trill ] That’s great. So now you’ve felt the
low ones and the high ones. But this lip trill, the point of it,
is that you’re going to hold the air in the body. Singers think that
they need lots of air and when we think
about singing, we think, oh, well singers they got
to really use their air flow. But actually,
really good singing is more about holding
the air in the body than it is about letting
it out fast and hard. So a lip trill is a perfect
exercise, actually. And as stereotypical and
cheesy as it might be, it’s actually really,
really helpful. So, if I try to go
for a high note, chances are I might try
to blast my air too much. But if I’m doing a lip trill… [ Lip trill ] Then my air stays constant. So what’s great is,
with a lip trill exercise – and I’ll let you guys
do this in a minute – we can go from low
to high and back, with pretty much the same air. And that’s extremely
hard to do as a singer, but not hard to do
with the lip trills. So if you’re practicing
your lip trills, you’re learning to
do your entire range, without changing
your air flow. And again, that’s one of the
hardest skills for singers. So – now I’m going to give
you a chance to try it. We’re just gonna do
an arpeggio pattern, which goes like this… ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Guys will be down there,
girls will be up here. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Now let’s try it together. I’m gonna take you low,
all the way high, and all the way down. You’re gonna breathe low in
the belly as you know to do. [ Demonstrates breath ] And you’re gonna see
that you don’t really need to change your air as
we go all the way up and down the keyboard. So here we go together. Starting right here… ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Good. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Nice. ♪♪ Good. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Excellent. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] That’s it. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] Good. ♪♪ Good, coming down. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] ♪♪ Low breath. ♪♪ Good. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] ♪♪ Keep it up. Good. ♪♪ Nice job. ♪♪ Couple more. ♪♪ Last one. ♪♪ [ ♪ Lip trill ♪ ] ♪♪ Great job. So, now for some of you
the highest ones might have been a
little bit too high, But a lot of you could probably
go all the way up and down. But that’s the point, Danielle,
and for everybody, is that you don’t want to
blast your air as a singer. And if you have good exercises
you’re not going to do that. You’re going to
learn to coordinate the notes changing without
the breath changing. So lip trills,
as common as they are, as maybe stereotypical
and silly as they are, they’re fantastic. And I really recommend
practicing them. And if you like this video
you can just practice right along here with me
as many times as you like. So we hope that’s been helpful
for you today as singers. If you have questions that you want
to see us answer on the show you can send an email to [email protected]
[♪] We encourage you to work
really hard at your voice.
[♪] Never lose the
joy and the passion.
[♪] And don’t let anybody tell
you that you can’t sing,
[♪] because we all
know that’s not true.
[♪] If you’re ever in New York,
check us out at
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[♪] I’m Justin Stoney.
[♪] See you next time.
[♪] ♬


You might be a mezzo soprano or the rare contralto. Don't be ashamed. I used to be ashamed of my dark mezzo soprano voice until I figured out how to use it. Us mezzos/contaltos are lucky because we can sing the low notes that most women cannot. Be proud of your unique voice! 😀

Wow, for the longest time, I was actually having trouble doing this. Until you explained why we should do this and what it does. Now that I know it is to help you hold in air. thank you, You really know how to explain things.

I've been wondering about lip trills for a while so I'm glad I saw this. I'll admit that I couldn't help but laugh a few times while doing this exercise, but I really enjoyed it nevertheless.

Thanks for this Lesson!
Ep. 5 "What's The Point Of Lip Trills?"- Voice Lessons To The World
Ep. 5 "What's The Point Of Lip Trills?"- Voice Lessons To The World
Episode 5 of Voice Lessons To To World: "What's The Point Of Lip Trills". Voice Teacher Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching addresses the famous Lip Trill exercise and whether it's effective for singers. Enjoy Voice Lessons To The World!

Every time I try to do this it makes me sad. I can't do it and my singing teachers won't go past this exercise. Is there anything that can be done instead of this? Any alternatives?

Justin I just wanted to say, 'thank you' because I've watched many vocal instructors teach on lip trills but never really explained their purpose and why do them? The most profound thing you explained was about how trills can help with range but most importantly breath control through note runs-thanks again…you know what you're talking about and how to explain it in a learnable way!

It seems like you have to add air pressure to make the lips trill.  It feels like it's doing the opposite of what the stated purpose of the exercise is.  What am I missing?   

This is a great series for my ESL classes here in Korea.  We like to warm up using some exercises from the episodes.  Thanks!

i really like your singing lessons, they are easy and hard all in one packet. biggest problem for me is coming back up. i still think my singing skills incresed by 100% from the time i started with your lessons. i still have lots to learn tho. thank you.

i first started with lip trills a year back and then it s been phenomenal since then , thank you , i have another issue now , I'am able to sing to bruce dickinsons pitch but im actually belting out like crazy from the stomach , i slightly bend towards my back and when i belt out high notes the muscle below the chest and middle portion from my stomach gets a little tightened and thats how iam able to shout out at ease without straining my vocal cords , iam really not sure if this is the right technique coz i have been trying to sing "tears of the dragon" by bruce dickinson now , please advice any help would do coz im hunting for a good vocal trainer to train me , thank you

hey justin i cant send email to your mail cause different doamin.. i dnt know why.. but i Have questin about Flageolet ..

Dear Justin,

I think Lord will Love you so much..
cause you shrared the videos maybe every people who desperate with their vocal in singing
will BIG thank to you.. and I'm one of them.
but I have question how to find the flaggeolet coordination easiyl?
please make a new video and answer me..
thnaku u Justin

Henry- Indonesia

do u think i can expand my vocal range just by doing lip trill exercise, lip trilling a song whenevr im alone etc?

What about for voice actors? I see people suggesting it for us, but we never belt out air like a singer does. Why would a voice actor need to do this other than to get blood flowing in the vocal folds, which I would assume you could do easier by just humming your scales.

Hello my friend Justin. I'm Super Happy with your videos. I just got one issue with the lips trills. I know I get there with practice but the thing is what would tell me if I see me having hard time with middle and high notes lip trills? Advices?

Thanks a Lot man! You are amazing teacher.

Learned the Lip-Trill in the last year of my singing-lessons here in the Netherlands, about 5 years later and had to use a bottle filled with water and a plastic hose.

the opening starts, i'm already happy, give like and comment xD lol… love singing and this channel is really good!

Thank you for this. I am from the Philippines living in a holiday island in Thailand called Koh Samui. Plenty of Filipino musicians here so I thought of booking once-a-week voice lessons with my closest friends. They recommended your channel to me. Of course the more practice the better, but how often do you recommend doing the lip trills practice, say, in a week?

BTW, I wanted to document my singing journey on my Youtube account. Your feedback is highly appreciated! Thanks in advance… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu3OyPOmfvm1IHSRkK2uvBQ/featured

Just wondering, when you guys do a lip trill, do you all stay in your full voice or move to your head register in the higher notes? While I do manage to get a forward buzz that makes my singing a lot easier, I tend to go to head voice around F#4-A4 onwards, although I can sing those notes in my chest/chest-dominant mix as well.

Justin I've been doing these for the longest time without really knowing WHY (until today) they always say you shouldn't have tension in your larynx but I still run out of air which is very frustrating coz I feel I have to push more when I sing. Now i finally know what the breath control is supposed to feel like and there's already less forcing…I'm really excited to see what my voice will be like after a few weeks of this! Thanks and God bless 🙂

I love Lip Trills and this is a great lesson and it is very easy to follow. I find that taking enough of a breath from my diaphragm greatly eases the tickle/tingle/Itch that I sometimes get in my upper lip and nose when I do Lip Trills. Many Thanks 🙏 for posting this important voice lesson:)

If you have trouble doing lip trills you can place 2 fingers on the corners of your mouth and gently press in, that's how I learned to do it ( i haven't watched the whole video yet so of he said this already sorry here it is again😊)

I realize now I have poor breath control. I have to put out a lot of air to sing. I have had asthma my entire life and a cleft chest that pushes onto my diaphragm. It's hard to breathe at all times let alone do these lip trills! So I guess this is what I need to be better. The moment I put sound through, my lips stop trilling…this is going to take a while.

Justin your shot videos are thousand times better and helpful than expensive lessons by my singing coach, who is knowledgable but driven by money and not passionate about teaching beginners but more experienced singers. Thank you for these videos🙏

I just can't do this unless I keep fingers to each side of lips… ANY tips on how to get this?? PLEASE HElp 😳

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