Ep. 48 “Vocal Fry Falloffs” – Vocal Fry Trilogy Part 3 – Voice Lessons To The World


Wow i didnt think this had a term..LOL i always seem to do this.. I thought maybe i was just being lazy or sound "sad" but i guess this was just a stylistic thing..

I don't know in what form we are supposed to ask questions. But my name is Alphonso A. from Charlotte, NC.

And my question is: From the chest UP, what exactly should every part of the body involved with singing be doing? And what should proper singing feel like? (ie. should i feel my muscles working or should it feel effortless? Should I be focusing on things or should it feel natural?)

I have a question, Im a bass singer I've tried but I cant help it. This is truly a course, not the baritone one cause almost nobody sings bass songs. If you can't make a video for this can you please answer?

Never new it has an actual name. I always do that and never seem to realise anything but thanks your videos are really helpful

I've heard vocal fry can help you finding your head voice and mixed voice. Is that true? Would you mind making a video on this (or on how to find head voice in general) please 🙂

Could you create a tutorial on how to properly stress your vocal chords? I know there are other professionals who have already done so, but you see like such an excellent teacher and your perspective on the lesson would be terrific. 

i was thinking, how can you do those raspy/kinda growling when singing high notes like Beyonce', Jessie J? Can you help me?

I have got a question regarding "metal vocals" such as Growl and Scream. Is it dangerous to do them? Will it harm my voice?
Is there a good way to learn safely these vocal styles?
P.s.: Thank you very much for your videos, they're great!

What is the name of the vocal style when a voice somewhat "cracks" at the beginning and of the word. An example is ramin karmiloo when he sang in the phantom of the opera. I'm curious the technique which he is using.

It's more like a twisting up of vocal cord compression than falloff of pitch, isn't it? I feel the vocal muscle coordination for this is different from that for the vocal fry at low pitch.

I can't stop singing your praises!! Exceptional singing exercises that are taught in an exceptional way! So excited because I know my singing is going to improve immensely after doing all of your You-Tube exercises. Devoted fan to a devoted and exceptional teacher.

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