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Hi Justin You talk about Head voice and falsetto differences of really being mostly about compression differences, but what is reinforced falsetto? is that just another terminology for Head voice? (more compression) Thanks for your time !

By reading this comment you'll fully understand, your help isn't going inside of deaf ears. Your a great teacher and I'm glad you found your life's purpose.

Omg your teaching spirit is inspiring and the application part of your explanation from techniques to singing concept is AMAZING!

Your videos are fantastic! You've already answered a lot of the questions I've had, so a thank you for that (and I guess I should thank the community for asking such pertinent questions too!).

I've always wondered about how to apply vocal technique and exercises to songs and I really look forward to using what you've taught in my practice! 😀 Thank you!

This singing tutorial is the best stuff I dug out on youtube. The teaching is so passionate and advice suggested so freshly and well-explained.
It takes a classical singer with open experience in a variety of music styles and genre to accomplish it, not to mention a generous sprite of sharing these tips.

i dont know why there are few ppl watching your video justin! ive watched a lot vocal coaches, but you are the best 🙂

Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing this information for everyone. I especially enjoyed the vid's on vocal fry, vocal fry for compression + vocal fry falloffs! No one has ever explained it so clearly, I think I'm actually getting the hang of it. 

You're teaching style is amazing. I appreciate all your tips and suggestions given so generously and intelligently. You are thanked by the many!

How to belt without sounding too powerful?..just pure resonance…for example belting in the same volume as my normal singing volume…

This is very helpful video. Can you make video on how to sing raspy, but not scream, something like Ed Sheeran or Shawn Mendes. 😀

This was a really helpful video. I have sung and played guitar for years without vocal lessons but recently decided I want to get better at singing and watching these videos has helped a lot when it comes to figuring out what I'm doing wrong and how to fix it. I will be sure to save this video to reference it when i find trouble spots in the future

Her name is shaima not haima
She is from my country (Morocco)
I mean I'm Moroccan as well
Thanks Justin Stoney for answering to her question

Great choice: Stevie Wonder. I love his songs and they are all hard to sing for me. I feel like I have good compression and volume but I am still scratchy no matter what I do with that song. I wonder how you smooth out the voice and get rid of scratchy static sounds in your voice.

You're a great instructor, but this time you really outdid yourself — this is a fantastic and incredibly useful lesson. So much so that now I'm actually going to go buy some of your merch as a thank you. Thank you! 🙂

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