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So, this is our
mobile soundscape exhibit. Where do we go from here? Soundwaves are just
vibrations in the air. [overlapping sounds] As long as you have curiosity,
you know there’s life. When I look out to the ocean, I get that same feeling as I do
when I look up into the stars. Hearing my parents
playing guitar, that’s probably
my first memory. As a kid I would run
through the hallways and I would hear them
practising Mexican traditional music. I went to a Catholic school,
and the nun who had the Spanish class always took students
down to San Blas, and that’s where I met him. And I was 15,
and he was 16 years old. Here we are at the plaza,
La Plaza Principal. Qué bonito. My mum didn’t know Spanish
and my father didn’t know English, but they were able to communicate
at least with music. And then I came along. Danny, he was a busy one. Very inquisitive when he was little. But his curiosity sometimes
got him in trouble. I was not a good student in high school.
I didn’t have any expectations, I wasn’t looking at universities
or anything like that. But after graduating
I thought, well, might as well go to community college. I started at Cabrillo and
I didn’t know what engineering was. As far as I was concerned, it was like
a mechanic or something like that. But I started taking some
maths classes and it was different. You know, there’s lots
of types of students. The majority of the students,
they want the equation so that they could
calculate a number. And then there are students
who actually try to understand. That’s Daniel. I would always question things,
I would always wonder, how light works, why the waves
are crashing the way they do. And when you start looking
at physics, and learning about these soundwaves are just
vibrations in the air, and how we can
represent those mathematically, my eyes opened to a new world. And that’s, I think,
when it clicked. That I knew I wanted
to do engineering. Cabrillo College
held a symposium, where they connect students
to research institutions. It was really interesting what
Danelle and John were doing. Daniel had
a musical background. That’s an important part
of working on audio; you have to have an understanding
of the way sound works. Light may reach a couple of
hundred meters in the ocean. Sound can travel
thousands of miles. It’s not a surprise that many life
forms use sound for communicating. Blue whale is the largest animal
to have ever lived on earth, including bigger
than any dinosaur. They vibrate your body,
they’re incredible to hear. The scientists at MBARI wanted
to figure out a way to listen in and to count how many
blue whales there were. So, the process
that we’re using involves recording
audio from the ocean. 24 hours a day,
7 days a week. But that’s a lot of information; too much information for a human
to try to look at and listen to. We were able to turn
those sounds into spectrograms, which are just images or mappings
of what sound looks like. And fed those images into TensorFlow,
this machine-learning tool. Machine learning is
getting the computer to be able
to pick up patterns. It allows us to take
a mammoth pile of data and distill it
into something meaningful, so that we can do the analysis. We want to understand how and
when they’re using all these calls, because that can help us
understand their ecology. We could answer a lot of questions
about the way we are affecting the marine environment
and how we can help conserve it. Daniel was key in
developing the software to automatically find
the calls for us. Daniel started
with the artistry of sound, and found a meeting place
with the science of sound. That note is this note here. Ultimately, both of those experiences,
they’re from the same source. That is sound energy varying
in frequency through time. That’s what makes music, and that is the signal we analyze. The whales are communicating
something to each other. I don’t know what it is,
but it made me think about how music is a way
of communicating. Just like going back to my parents
and how they met each other. They were doing
the same thing. When I was a kid, I didn’t think
I was going to be a scientist or engineer. And especially as I grew up, I didn’t
think I was capable of doing it. School was hard for me,
and it still is hard for me. I don’t know
if I’ve found my passion. I find myself so interested
in a lot of different things. But knowing that
I’ll never stop learning, makes me feel pretty lucky. You know, there’s a lot of
really difficult things with having severe anxiety. This gave me the opportunity
to see the world in a different way. Even in your darkest times, amazing things can come out of it.


Thank you for video! You gave me a motivation to study. I was frustrated to study because I dont want to be car engineer. I was interested in music and acoustic. But after watching this video, I found why I have to study my major, mechanical engineering.
Thank you and good luck to your way!

Эй! На 1:36 он использует макбук!)) Учитывая, что это канал гугла это выглядит очень забавно))

Beautifull and inspiring beings! We are very lucky 'cause you Daniel. God bless your entire family and partners. In Lak'ech!

This is an amazing video that needs to be seen by young individuals throughout the world. I am most definitely sharing this with my students. Thank you, Google!

Nice documentary! But, the chinese(Taiwan) subtitle translation is not in traditional chinese. Please fix it!

This is awesome. I am going to community college and going to study computer science. This is the way I want to live my dreams. I am very excited for the future.

Killin it Danny! Keep on working hard and being hungry for learning. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future will bring for you! Shout out to Cabrillo College and all the amazing staff their!
David Vaiz

Due to the large size of spacetime and the brevity of lifeforms (including humans), we may never find life in the stars beyond ourselves. Study and preserve the life in the seas and on earth.


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What a wonderful experience to meditate with John Michael Zinn. I feel eel that I have truly been meditating.

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This story starts and ends with white genocide. Daniel’s white mother was lured by music to abandon her people and race mix, and produce the mixed super race that will save the world. That’s a meme in our culture. Without the blessed sacrament of white genocide, we wouldn’t be experiencing the miracle of listening to whale noises or whatever. The film begins and ends with Daniel’s white genocide origin story. There’s a reason they went back to it at the end.

The real purpose of this film is to subconsciously seed the meme:

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Matt, your full name has the actual word "math" in it! thank you for all your efforts and resolve to become everything you were created to be and for sharing all of it within this world…..humanity is a million times better off for you being a part of it, during this time when the computing and creating capabilities are almost limitless….your precious family, so dear…..thank you Google for finding this amazing man and family and creating this video…..to say it is inspiring and truly wonder-filled is saying the very least about it…..truly, truly appreciated…God's richest and most abundant blessings over you Matt and your work, friends, family, clients and pets….everything the best to you!!!

This one has hit me the closest to home out of the ones I've watched so far. I love to learn how things work and I love science and engineering, but this semester especially its felt difficult. I have so many interests and passions I'm not really sure if I'll ever find it but learning everyday makes it so worthwhile

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