[ENG SUB] Hua Chenyu and GEM Preparing for Singer 2018 || Unaired Cuts 華晨宇歌手未播花絮

*Hua posted a clip of himself while singing GEM’s song announcing that she’s going to join The Singer in the finals* All are just bubbles Only one moment of fireworks All your promises are all too fragile Yet your silhouette I still couldn’t see through it That is why I am so sad The control over love How can it be found? Embracing loneliness Won’t you feel lonely? Love is but a bubble Why couldn’t I see through it? That is why I am so sad GEM: Hello Hello Hi What is it? Why do you laugh when you see me? Long time no see *Gentlemanly* Do you want to eat something? -Yes, crawfish *Everything revolves around eating*
So have you had your dinner? I had eaten What did you eat? Oatmeal Oatmeal again? Didn’t you tell me not to be fat by your side?>is so easy for rearrangement I think that I have given you a really good suggestion This song is really good… mainly because it sounds good Thank you Every time before he gets onstage He’ll send me a demo version of his rearrangement Which song did you like the best? *Extremely curious* Which one I like the best?>Of course I have already thought that>is incredible after I heard the demo Of course it is I’m not worried at all because… When he gets into his “zone”, he’s like a brilliant star Oh no, I mean the sun This chord is composed of Do Mi So But the first note is a La
Singing La in Do Mi So sounds weird Then you can do it like this GEM: You sing this one
Hua: No, this note sounds weird too At least the first two notes don’t harmonize Don’t they? You decide, the stage is yours I’m not gonna argue with you. Haven’t I been yielding to you? But I have also yielded to you every time GEM: No, it’s been me yielding to you
Hua: It’s me You don’t About what did you yield to me? I yielded to you. I have always yielded to you You..I won’t argue (anymore) That means you didn’t yield Yes I did… but I’m not going to argue I yielded to you Did you? *Still stuck on this topic* We were rearranging another song just last night I don’t want you to sing that song Which one didn’t you want me to sing? I want you to sing your own song It suits you the best So great. You’re so great Of course Rehearsal for>For the finals of The Singer Hua Chenyu chose a powerful song>The range of this song is very large The original singer is Angela Zhang who is also competing This time, Hua Chenyu, who is good at rearrangements added rock elements to the song *Hua Chenyu: Versatile and persistent with his attitude in rearrangements* In the first rehearsal Hua Chenyu picked out many flaws in his performance Excuse me, the timbre didn’t come out Timbre? Yes Oh, I thought you’re talking about other stuff There’s a… a sound before the chorus There seems to be a… When you enter the first part The timbre of that note was missing Can you listen to that? Also the degree of mixing of the choir The harmonic singing of the choir It should be almost the same as my voice You want it to be as strong as this?
Hua: Cause I sing it rather gently I sing it very lightly Music Critic Zheng Yang: I think if Hua Chenyu performs perfectly He would be able to He would have a good chance of winning the championship It will happen with around 60% to 70% chance *Good friend GEM is helping with the duet>* For the finals of The Singer tonight Hua Chenyu also invited his good friend GEM to sing duet with him They will be performing GEM’s original song>During the rehearsal Hua Chenyu sat at the piano in the middle of the stage Playing the accompaniment for GEM Warm and gentlemanly Actually We were going to rearrange another song We had a lot of ideas for it Then one day We already decided on another song to rearrange But then one morning, he sent me a message saying that I still want to rearrange your>These two young post-90s singers worked together for the first time The easy-going atmosphere during the rehearsal Makes their collaboration easier I’m singing E4 Now you’re singing That’s my key, Bro We were testing our positions We were imagining that I was the figurine in a music box and he would be rapping while walking around me The first time he tried it I just thought it was really funny, so I laughed It’s yummy, it is Do you know what he said before I went on stage? He said “Don’t be too fat by my side” Now you’re giving me a cake? No Try some No As a guest singer helping Hua Chenyu How confident is GEM that Hua Chenyu will become the champion? I think he’s great. He’s really good There are many times… All his previous performances in the competition were great So… Of course I am putting my bets on him Don’t let him know that I’m betting on him Otherwise, he would be full of himself You enter high, right? Should you or I enter first ? It’s also okay if I just do the harmony I enter first You play that first One hand, right Feeling the fingertips underneath my hair It’s really hot here Just turned on the AC Is it so hot usually? This is the hottest day in Changsha The hottest in two weeks
-`Cause I came `Cause you two are singing duet together So it’s normal to be a bit hot I am also sweating Sing a song of Hua Chenyu ??? (Unclear) No, I won’t sing that to you even if I die You are too much Please don’t change the song now! Can you stay put with one song? I am not planning to sing this song I feel so hot now Shall we try once more? I feel that when we enter Once we enter, perhaps both of us have to sing very accurately You ask me not to do that? I will be more focused if I don’t respond to you Okay, you play it You are not looking at me now Right, don’t look at me when I am playing Because you will not be facing me, so you won’t be able to see me in the end Okay, here it comes Feeling the fingertips underneath my hair How can time be frozen at this moment? Until I forget the unwavering gaze of your eyes Perhaps, tomorrow has already varnished *During Singer rehearsal, Hua Chenyu started his bantering mode* Sorry It got messed up, right? Wait, I sang the previous line wrong Wait, wait It’s because you played it wrong No, I didn’t play it wrong Before you enter, I didn’t play it wrong You did I just made that one mistake, but I switched back It shouldn’t have affected you in finding your key You distracted me Don’t! You stop it You didn’t sing it well yourself *Red carpet, Singer 2018 finale* *The adaptation by Hua Chenyu will be very explosive* We are so looking forward to it Have you prepared something different this time? Yes, yes This time, we two collaborated on a song It suits us two very well after the adaptation It will be really exciting!

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