(ENG/SPA/IND) The Ear Melting Live Singing of Mamamoo | Life Bar | Mix Clip

[Will Always Love You / Solar] (She’s good) (Depth) (Concentration) (Solar’s amazing singing skills) [Diamonds / Hwasa] (Hwasa redefinedwith her own voice) (Everyone is so mesmerized) (By her amazing voice tonight) (Concentrated) (Singing as if she’s talking
about her own life) (What’s the story behind her song?) (It starts off with a charming intro) ♪ Why did I like you ♪ ♪ We didn’t get along at all ♪ ♪ Whenever I get tired ♪ (The hidden singing skills of rapper Moon Byul)
♪ You always treat me so affectionately ♪ ♪ I’m hurt even when you are around ♪ (She’s good)
♪ I miss you but what can I do? ♪ (A charming melody with empathetic lyrics)
♪ I don’t want to be obvious ♪ ♪ What if you think I’m sad?
I’m so pathetic, pathetic, yeah ♪ (When you are down, exhausted) (I won’t leave you there) (A kid who learned of loneliness
before she learned of warmth) (The only consolation was
her mom’s singing) (The other members are
always there for Wheein) (They have caring minds for each other) (A friend who gives so much
strength to Wheein) (The two) (became four) (Mamamoo, another family to Wheein)


I lowkey just realised how hwasa isnt even that dark and that solar and wheein are almost the same color as her it's just that they use a lighter foundation for their face and hwasa just uses her actual skin tone… omg I used up so much of my knowledge to come to conclusion😂😱

I always thought Hwasa has Rihanna's vibe, Solar has Shakira's vibe, Wheein has Ariana's vibe, and Byul has Yoon Mirae's vibe.

크~~젊었을때고생서서하구// 마마무를 알게되어 저는 위로받고있는듯하네요 //응원합니다 마마무..

such an underrated girl group amputek ibang level pagiging talented ng mga babaitang to mamamoo ampunin niyo ko pls

"Why did I like you, we didn't get along at all".😏😏 I know Moonbyul said she wrote it for her ex-boyfriend but still I feel this song was made for Solar esp since they didn't like each other at first. 🤩🤩
Moonsun 4 ever

Basically this is the guide to mamamoo's voices. They're one of the best in the industry, great job RBW for finding these talents

These girls deserve so much recognition.
I want the whole world to recognize their talent. They all literally oozes with charisma,filled with immense amount of talent but most important they're different from each other and yet compliment each other perfectly.
To me they are the prodigy of female idols.

Mamamoo is great as usual but can we talk about Heechul for a moment? Damn it's been awhile since I'd seen him and he is looking great with the dark mid length hair.. gosh. Ok I'm done.

I swear Mamamoo has been raking it BIG TIME.

For people who says they are still underrated, well not ANYMORE.

고막 행복해서 잠못자겠드앙!!!!! 내 30년인생 처음보는 걸그룹의 미친음색이야

I am always thinking that they eat cds for their meals and I finally came to the conclusion that they do not eat cds they are a living cd

Wheein’s voice is so seductive and reminds me of the 90’s vibe ,oh how I love her 💕💕they sang beautifully overall

How do you even explain that you fell in love with a whole girl group like WOW. I can’t bias bc they’re all literally god’s gifts to us.

هواسا وسولار صوتهم حلوين ..كلهم صوتهم حلوين بس أكتر اشي سولار وهواسا ومونبيل😍😍😍

Solar seems to be struggling with her song… some parts sounded "off"?? No shade just something I realised..👑

마마무♡(> ਊ <)♡
이러니 내가 좋아할수 밖에
문보컬 좋고 솔라 고음 좋고
화사 음색 좋고 휘인도 음색 쩔어여
마마무 진짜 사룽햐 영원하자

나한테 네명의 모든멤버가 소중하고 마음이 아픈 순간들이 있었어서 놓을수가 없는거같아 더더욱 마마무 놓지않을게

00:00 솔라 : I Will Always Love You (원곡: 휘트니 휴스턴)
1:31 화사 : Dimonds (원곡: 리한나)
2:47 문별 : 구차해
3:33 휘인 : By your side (원곡: 샤데이)

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