Emma stuns everyone with her singing voice | TKB (With Eng Subs)

Emma! Emma! Emma!
[CHEERING] Go, Emma! You can do it!
[CLAPPING] – Go, Emma!
– Emma! Emma!
[CLAPPING] Emma, you can do it! Go, Emma!
[CHEERING] Let’s watch her
humiliate herself. She’s about to sing! Shh! This is what
you’ve been up to?! That’s why you
don’t improve in math! Stop focusing on
worthless things! But I want to sing. My teacher said
I’m good at it. Yes, you are… But do you think music
will get you far in life, Emma? Would you have a future
if all you focus on is music? What did I tell you? I told you to study and
be good with numbers, with business and
making money. That’s what I’ve always
been telling you! Emma! Emma! Emma!
[CLAPPING] You got this, Emma!
[CLAPPING] – You can do it!
Happy birthday! Why are you afraid to find out
what’s inside that room? Are you afraid that Vito
is telling the truth? That like you,
he’s also investigating… because that would mean that he never stopped
caring about you. Why would you be
scared of that, Camila? Because you still care
about what he feels? Emma: [SINGING] Wow!
[CLAPPING] Emma! Emma! Emma!

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