Emily Spivey and Seth Sing Lines from a Rejected Michael McDonald SNL Sketch

-Our friend Colin Jost wrote a
sketch for Justin Timberlake that is maybe the hardest
I’ve ever seen you laugh… -Oh, my God. It was amazing. -…and the hardest I laughed
watching you laugh. But the premise
of the sketch was — he played Michael McDonald,
the singer, Michael McDonald… -Yes, from The Doobie Brothers. -…who had opened a restaurant
called McDonald’s. -Right.
-Michael McDonald’s McDonald’s. -Right. -Unaware — The premise was —
he was unaware that there was a previously
existing McDonald’s. -Strangely unaware, yeah. I guess he was out of the
country or touring or something. -And, so,
the whole sketch was him explaining the legal troubles
he was in. -Right. But it was
premise-heavy, because not only were
there legal troubles, but, also, the McDonald’s was in
a bad part of town. -Yes. -So it was like
a double premise. -Yeah.
-It was very dense. -It was very dense.
It was a dress rehearsal. And, again, Justin Timberlake can make anything
work…except this. Here’s a clip from
“Michael McDonald’s McDonald’s.” -Oh, Lord have mercy. -Unfortunately,
my legal problems are only the tip of the iceberg. It turns out you need a lot
of permits to open a restaurant. Permits I do not have. ♪ The sign fell off the roof ♪ ♪ And it landed on the top of
a school bus ♪ -But this was our going-away
present for you. We wrote down every pitch
we had written in rewrites. -And that rewrite, yeah. -And all the rewrites was,
was us singing Michael McDonald lines
about a bad McDonald’s. -Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-Like, for example… ♪ A mama raccoon just gave birth
in the ball pit ♪ -Yeah. Yeah.
This went on for hours. Also, I was deeply pregnant. I was about two weeks
from giving birth. -Oh, yeah, that’s right. -So, the whole time, like,
I was laughing so hard, I was like, “The baby’s
going to squirt out, and I’m just gonna
keep pitching,” ’cause I did not want this
rewrite sesh to end. I think we were there
till like 12:30. -We were there —
And, like, again, then we realized
we wasted all this time. The minute the sketch started,
it was like, “This ain’t gonna air.” -But was it —
But the joy it gave us, though. Was it really a waste of time? -Oh, let’s do this one. ♪ I watched a rat eat a
fish fillet and die ♪ -The rat ate a fish fillet
and died. My other favorite one was… ♪ The only McFlurry is
the flurry of gunfire ♪ It’s like, why? Why did he build
this McDonald’s McDonald’s. -Why did he built it?
-Also, what are you doing? -What are you doing? So, again, I just want to throw
it out to the universe. Look, Justin Timberlake
is a busy guy. We do have a thing at our show
called, “Second Chance Theater.” -Justin, come on back. -I feel like if we can ever —
If there was ever a reason to do it, it’s
“Michael McDonald’s McDonald’s.” -From your mouth to God’s ears.
-Yes. Congratulations on your show.
-Thank you. -It is absolutely a delight
to have you here. That’s Emily Spivey, everybody.

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