Easy Playback Controls | PowerDVD – World’s No. 1 Movie & Media Player

In this tutorial, we will show you how controlling playback in PowerDVD is fast, simple and intuitive. Simply double-click your movie in the PowerDVD Movie Library, to instantly play it, or resume playback from where you last left off. To quickly find a favorite scene, hover over the navigational slider, to see an instant preview of that section of the movie. You can also hit the right and left arrow keys to jump forward 30 seconds, or backward 8 seconds. Open the “Play Speed” navigator, by clicking the fast-forward arrow in the player controls. The play speed navigator makes it easy to switch to fast, or slow slow-motion playback. Hit the space bar to freeze a particular frame. The space bar is the easiest way to pause a movie when you need a break. Use the “Zoom Slider’ in the player controls to crop and close on just part of the video frame. Drag the hand-cursor to choose which part of the frame you zoom in on. You can check your movie’s elapsed and remaining time at the bottom, by clicking here. And find out when your movie will finish. At the top, you will see how much battery you have left. Double-click on a movie file in Windows Explorer, to instantly play your movie directly to full screen. When you park the mouse on either side of the screen, PowerDVD instantly hides all the navigation controls. If you would like to watch movies while working, click the “Restore Window” icon here. Drag the window by holding down the mouse anywhere within the frame. To automatically adjust the “Aspect Ratio” of your window, right-click, and select “Stretch To Fit The Screen”. You can also select “Always On Top”, to always have your movie on top of other applications. To watch a video taken with a mobile device, shot in portrait mode. Use the “Rotate Tool” to instantly turn the video right-side up. Controlling playback in PowerDVD is fast, simple and intuitive.

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