Dynasty With Lyrics

Oh Dynasty Pinnacle of TV
What delights will we see? A mansion
With a ranch on Now the story
Needs expansion It hinges on
Blake Carrington And Krystalline Carrington
Half wife, half paragon Fallon
The original ‘un Who’ll scare all f’yer
Mad old Claudia Jeff has Colbyco to run
He is loved by everyone Him and Fallon have a son
Here comes Adam Carrington He’s the creepy rapey one
All the women tend to shun Except for Kirby though
But now she’s left the show My dear Krystle’s first husband
Turned up leaving Krystle stunned But his plot’s just moribund
This here’s Stephen Carrington Blake’s confused and tortured son
He swings both ways not just one Will he be gay this week?
Or is it girls he’ll seek? And there’s Dex Dex Dex
He has sex Who’ll be next
In his kecks? On screen text
Moves us next to Catherine Oxenberg Robin of Sherwood’s bird Sammy Jo
Evil Southern ho And Dominique Devereux
Let’s hope her voice won’t go Alexis
The apex-is When this car drives past
There’s no more cast At last!

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