Driving to Guitar, Piano, and Voice Lessons? Skype Option? In-Home?

How does transportation work and where are lessons held? So at Teach 2 Teach we really value flexibility and this is one area. We have 3 specific ways for teach lessons – webcam lessons in home lessons and on campus lessons so the webcam lessons you and your student will be meeting in your own home via webcam on your computer and you just meet in the comfort of your own home, it’s really really simple for both you and your students. The 2nd one, in home lessons means that the teacher would drive to the student’s home, teach the student there. So this works well for parents
who are so busy going back and forth all this stuff, to ballet and all these other extra-curricular activities sometimes they’re really just grateful that a teacher can come to their home to teach their kid, or for a student who’s very busy and on the go all the time, and our 3rd option is on campus lessons. We have specific places in specific areas, where teachers and students can both comes to meet it’s kinda like a third-party location. They can both meet there. hold the lesson; they both drive there on their own and then they both leave separately. So those are the 3 different types of lessons that we hold at Teach 2 Teach

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