DIMASH – UNFORGETTABLE DAY – (Singer 2017 and Gakku 2017) Rock Musician DOUBLE REACTION!

Hello YouTube!
It is Friday! Dimash…
It is Dimash Day! Happy Dimash Day everyone!
I am particularly excited about this one because we are up to Unforgettable Day
I am almost positive I have this right This is a Dimash original. This is his song
If I have totally screwed that up, let me know
I seem to screw up everything so… But I am almost positive that this is an original
Dimash arrangement His own song
AND I have heard a whole lot about this D8 note he hits
I do not know how high that is I mean, I know it is high because it is the eighth octave
up and it is…up That is big!
But I have never heard a D8 before…at not one that I knew was a D8
That being said, there is a D8 coming As such, this is DOUBLE
It is Double Dimash Day I did not say that earlier but should have
But it is Double Dimash Day Double, Double, Double…
Time for a DOUBLE DIMASH DAY So we are going to do one from the Singer
(laughs) Random pause and then we are going to do the one from Gakku
Gakku…tell me how to… Please help me out with hoe to pronounce that!
I am going with Gakku That sounds about right to me…
or Gah-kku I do not know where the emPHAsis is
It could be on the wrong sylLAble for all I know
Little thing mess everything up! Make sure I do not forget to plug in my headphones
which I definitely did… Alright we are in and we are on!
I will adjust that camera back where it needs to be
Hopefully that is ok? Maybe just a touch more…get that cord out
of there There we go!
So anyway… Dimash. Double Dimash Day.
Happy Dimash Day! Unforgettable Day…and it is going to be
even more unforgett…. (EPIC WORD FAIL)…
…Unfrogettable Day after we do this Dimash Double!
The Singer 2017 then Gakku 2017 Whole lot of Dimashing going on!
It is time for that to get started so here we go! Also, I did not see a Gloria Wu one for this so if there is backstory on this, let me know
I do not even see subtitles on this video so I think I am going to be completely in
the dark on the meaning of this song. I know nothing about that so I need you all to help
me fill in my (many) blanks here What am I missing about this song?
He looks concerned so it is serious, I am assuming Nice melody That guy is belting in every video!
Every single one, he is always singing at the top of his lungs!
I love the enthusiasm! I like the choir in the background That is probably his dad, right? I bet he is a hell of a singer too Out goes the earpiece! That a signature Dimash move He was so high I almost could not hear it I really like the motion on that song
the way he started nice and soft and he just slowly built to that real big crescendo
Those are my favorite songs It is the Stairway to Heaven model in my world
You know what I mean? It just slowly steps up each time he goes
through until he hits this big, huge crescendo That is great songwriting when that happens
because as long as the song keeps progressing in an upward motion
It keeps ascending higher and higher and more intense
and bigger and bigger you are always like, “Wher can it go? Where
can it go?!?!” and then it…
flattens out at the end And as we wind on down the road…
Yes, something like that That was cool!
He kills that! It seems like all the reactors do the Gakku
version I did not see another version of the Singer
It should go without saying that the Gakku version is the step up to that
so if this was the beginning of the Stairway to Heaven, I think Gakku is going to be the
end of Stairway to Heaven I am excited about this
That song is awesome! That has a lot of potentials to be really,
really intense I think it is going to be pretty cool to see
how he steps this up. Same year. Both 2017 so perhaps he was still
struggling with that 5 steroid injection thing he was dealing with in the Singer competition
and this gave him a little bit more time to recover? I don’t know.
Maybe you all do? Hep me out. Let me know. So before I start this, if you like what you
are seeing If you like doing the Dimash days with me.
Every Friday is Dimash Day Sometimes I make it a Double Dimash Day
where you get to see 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 TWO TIMES of Dimash in a single video!
Today is one of those days so please hit like, please subscribe if you
havent already and here we go with the Gakku version of Unforgettable
Day I
like how it almost feels like I know the song now! I like how he is abbreviating his notes in this one…except that one (laughs)
It is a more personal and emotional way to deliver it I feel like he is singing a bit more unencumbered by the contest here Oh he actually put the monitor back in this time! Breaking new ground here! He was taking it out and he is putting it
back in now! WOW! Holy F&$%! Holy F&$%! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe what I just heard!
I do not even know how to wrap my head around that!
I have heard notes… It was almost like the mic broke before he
did it but it was just high that you almost could
not hear it! (laughs) Oh my goodness!
I am speechless. I have got nothing to say!
I cannot even break that down. I have no input for that!
Man! What I will say, is that he seemed a lot more
relaxed in this version than he did in the Singer one
Bouncing back off the throat problems. Being free of the encumbering need for perfection
from a competition like that. He is just up there performing it
I feel that his relaxion in this one…you can tell that he was just performing it
He did not have to worry about the judges He did not have to worry about what the votes
are going to be He just went out there and did THAT!
Oh my goodness! I got nothing else, man. I do not.
I might have to make another video later once I finally process what I just heard
I cannot believe that noise came out of a human being…
I will not say noise. That beautiful sound. Noise is too dismissive of a word for that.
That was just incomprehensible I got nothing! Nothing else.
If you all like what you see, if you all had fun with me here today, please LIKE, please
SUBSCRIBE I think you all so much for watching with
me I am so thankful that you all have bought
into the Dimash Days I look forward to them too. It is a lot of
fun to constantly be thrown for a loop every single time
Now I know what a D8 is! So that is a D8?
(laughs) Thank you all again
We will see you next Friday and… Happy Dimash Day!
as one of my commenters likes to say, “Dimash Day! Dimash Day! Dimash Day!
Hope you have a happy one! Thank you!


The guy belting it out with Dimash is his translator who translated between kazakh and mandarin/Chinese for him during The Singer! 😀
Thanks for another AWESOME Dimashreaction… 😍😍😍
Love and Peace from Dear in Sweden 💖🤗

Благодаря за видеото и за реакцията на Димаш 👏 👏 👏 Браво 🎶 🎶 Да Димаш е тук и е перфектен 🔥 😍 🙏

Thank you, a couple of days ago I watched a vocal coach from England who said he shouldn't make those notes because no human sings like that, I don't get why she wasn't impress, me as a singer and as a human with two ears I can't really understand how he is so talented, but I am glad I can see it in my lifetime.

Right before the D-8 you could see him waving the mike but no sound because his voice gave out trying to sing An E-6 or 7; at about 6:58 it happened in the Singer but he just moved on.

Замечаю, что все больше жду свидания с вами 😊🥰 (зная, что будет интересная реакция на Димаша).

Спасибо огромное!Приятно было погрузиться в ДЕНЬ ДИМАША! Я верю ,что скоро будет МИР ДИМАША! 🤩

Да, Димаш – сверхчеловек! Супермен! Такого еще природа не создавала!

Здравствуйте, это не папа. Это известный китайский певец, этнический казах Арай Айдархан (Aray Aydarhan). Он был рядом с Димашем на протяжении всего конкурса, помогал ему во всем. Спасибо за реакции! ☺️👌

I really love you're reactions….I burst out laughing at your expression to that note 😀 I'm so glad you did both cause I prefer the staging and build-up in the Singer version. In case you didn't notice, after the first part of the song in the Singer, he sang part of it in Chinese and then back to Kazakh. There is a Gloria Wu video for this but I'm glad you didn't use it cause she put shots of him singing this song at various time in his life over the performance and I feel it takes away…..but I believe there are English subtitles in that one. Thanks again!

You are fun to watch! That's why I can't wait to see you watch his newer stuff, he's only gotten better! 😂🤣 Unforgettable Day is a romantic song he wrote at 19. Also, Gloria Wu has a video with backstory and English subtitles available. ♡

Одна из самых красивых песен в исполнении Димаша! Феерическое действие! Оторваться просто невозможно!!!! Димаш Бог вокала! Спасибо Вам за реакцию!👏👏👏👏👏

Шоко терапия нужна , а такого доктора еще вузах не выпускают от Димашемании .👌👏👍

Hi, thanks for the reaction to this song. Dimash, the author of this song, he wrote at the age of 19. At the competition I'm Singer 2017 he was 22 years old. This competition is only for successful professional singers in China, where not every singer can get, so people there are much older than Dimash. Very hard casting. The contest organizers decided to make this contest international and Dimash was the first foreigner whom they invited as experiment. At the competition, Dimash sang the beginning and the end of the song in Kazakh, the rest in Chinese, this is noticeable by the reaction of the audience. Competition I am a singer 2017 ended in April. The guy you are talking about is Aray, his translator, he is an ethnic Kazakh living in China. The Gakku festival was held in Kazakhstan in his homeland, in the city of Almaty in the fall. At the festival Dimash sang 5 songs. The concert took place on the square, attended by 150 thousand people. Dimash first took this note D8. Many vocal professionals were shocked. Many reactors from different countries also consider this song as their favorite. Good luk.

Loved your reaction mate. This is why it a good idea to listen to Dimash doing the same song at different places,each time he sings the same song he changes it slightly…keeps everyone wanting more.

🤣🤣I like to watch with you our superman Dimash, what he does on every Friday🤣🤣. I love him and your humor 👌👍

Как жаль, что в неделю одна всего ПЯТНИЦА😭🙏🏼❤ Я хочу каждый день ваши реакции на Димаша!!!

Loved to see him doing a concert just has that more personal feeling . Although I was worried about him he looked a little thin especially in the face . I heard a lot of dears were worried about him, to the point that grandmothers & dears would turn up at the airports with food for him. I did see a vid of
Dears with bowls of hot food for him. Its understandable we all want to look after our boy.🤴🌞

Спасибо! Мне кажется, что Димаш лучше всего звучит, когда поет в Казахстане. Хуже всего было в США на "лучший в мире". Но это мое личное мнение)) Сам Димаш говорил, что он не имеет права плохо петь в Казахстане, потому что там на его концерты приходят учителя)) Получается экзамен каждый раз, но без оценок.
Мне всегда кажется, что в Гакку он взял ноту выше той, что смог передать микрофон, но мы ее не услышали)) Это надо спрашивать у собак и дельфинов))) Я вообще не очень люблю высокие голоса (сюрприз), но Димаша почему-то слушаю с удовольствием. Хотя есть люди, которые выдают дельфиньи ноты в более красивом тембре (мое личное мнение, например Джорджия Браун). Но у Димаша все такое красивое и идеальное, что его голос я готова слушать в любом виде. Это всегда огромное удовольствие. Не оттого, что нота высокая, а потому что звук как-то особенно действует на чувства и душу. Это сложно объяснить.

Thank you! I think that Dimash sounds best when he sings in Kazakhstan. The worst was in the US on " best in the world." But this is my personal opinion)) Dimash himself said that he has no right to sing badly in Kazakhstan, because teachers come to his concerts there)) it Turns out the exam every time, but without grades.

I always think that in Gakku he took the note above the one that was able to pass the microphone, but we did not hear)) It is necessary to ask dogs and dolphins))) I do not really like high voices (surprise), but the Dimash somehow listen with pleasure. Though there are people who give out Dolphin notes in more beautiful timbre (my personal opinion, for example Georgia brown). But Dimash has everything so beautiful and perfect that I am ready to listen to his voice in any form. It is always a great pleasure. Not because the note is high, but because the sound has a special effect on the senses and soul. It's hard to explain.

Димаш қандай не болған күнді жырлады екен ? Тура алдын біліп жырлаған сияқты . Армандаған аңсаған күні орындалды ұмытылмайтын күндері көбейді , әрине бітпесін ондай керемет күндері !

By the way, since you mentioned the Pope, here's a video where Dimash singing with their parents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9mMFurcRPI And grandparents in the hall))

Thank you dear 🙏 🙏🙏
I love your reaction and I love
“Stairway to heaven” too.😊😊😊
In the past I listen to rock and roll most.
I love Queen 、Led Zeppelin 、Dire straits 、Elton John…..
But Eric Clapton is my favorite.
Now I listen to Dimash everyday 🤣🤣🤣

"Теперь я знаю как звучит D8" 😂😂😂. Теперь мы все знаем как это звучит))). , Спасибо за двойной день Димаша!) Вы очень крутой, позитивный и весёлый!)))

Ждала встречи с вами,так как ,ваши реакции профессиональные и в тоже время эмоциональные! Такой формат для себя считаю наиболее приемлемым,с вами интересно.Огромное спасибо ,за сопереживание того ,что слышим мы вместе ! Успехов и удачи вам!

Thank you for your reaction
There is an early video from December 2016 before the Chinese contest with the sound of a dolphin, and this song was sung on the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
This is the most perfect rendition of this song.
In the future, he could not repeat this success.
This slide is truly mesmerizing.

О, настал День неповторимого, неподражаемого, обожаемого ДИМАША❗❗❗
👏 🎤🎶 💥💥💥 🎶 🎤 👏

personally I like the other versions more, the one he did with terry lin and the arnau version and the emotional one he sanged under the rain💙💙💙

Love your reactions. Have not missed one. This song is now Di's signature song at all of his concerts. At first the song was about an unforgettable love, but now I believe when he sings it at concert, he asks the fans to join in and I believe to him it is an unforgettable day for him to see so many fans there to see and hear him perform. We love him and get emotional right along with him. Keep them coming.

Здравствуйте! привет из Алматы (Казахстан) – города, где в 2017 году проходил концерт "GAККU". на этот концерт собралось 150 тысяч жителей и гостей города Алматы. Да, Вы правы, Димаш был расслаблен, т.к. это не было соревнованием, не было судей, а он был ДОМА, среди своих и любимых Dears. Он рискнул и спел D8, а до D8 он махал микрофоном, но мы звука не слышали. Подозреваю, что это был какой-нибудь ультра-звук, который слышат только животные. Мой пудель Симон, например. Это, конечно, за гранью человеческих возможностей. В это не верится. Но это есть!!! И мы живые свидетели этого феномена.
Уважаемый SaWD мне ОЧЕНЬ-ОЧЕНЬ(!) нравится, как Вы смотрите и слушаете нашего Димаша. Я верю в правдивость Ваших чувств удивления, восхищения. Верю любому Вашему слову. Я жду каждую пятницу, чтобы опять встретиться с Вами. Спасибо Вам за честность и доброжелательность. Хотелось бы знать, как далеко Вы живете от Нью-Йорка, и пойдете ли Вы на концерт в Нью-Йорке 10 декабря 2019 г.?

Это Грандиозный Шоу в Китае 2017 г который Поднял Китай на Высокий уровень благодаря ДИМАША Браво

Это не запись с концерта в Гаку , там он исполняет D8 , знаменитый свитстковый регистр. Это исполнение на Сингере.

"Unforgettable Day"

I fell in love with you at first sight

And with your playful honey-sweet words

I was fascinated by your charming ways

I couldn't stop looking at your shining face

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

You are my long awaited dream

You are the light of my life

I want to hold you in my arms

You are my life's purpose, my everything

The heart wants what it wants

The fire in me is still ablaze

I'd be the happiest in this world

If destiny brought you to me

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

You are my long awaited dream

You are the light of my life

I want to hold you in my arms

You are my life's purpose, my everything

Dimash é extraordinário cantado sua composição em dois idiomas (Cazaque e Mandarim), de forma tão maravilhosa!!
Dimash é sensacional e apaixonante!! Inigualável!!

"Незабываемый день

С первого взгляда полюбил тебя,

Голос нежный твой и игривые слова.

Околдован был тобой, душа моя.

От тебя не смог отвести свои глаза.

Ах, этот день, Мне не забыть вовек.

Ах, этот день, Мне не забыть вовек. .

Ты долгожданная мечта,

Ты мой рассвет, моя заря!

В руках лелеять я готов,

Тебя ,родная, я всегда!

Не прикажешь сердцу не любить тебя,

И в нем пламя не угаснет никогда.

Счастлив буду в этом мире я,

Если будешь мне судьбой дарована.

Ах, этот день, Мне не забыть вовек.

Ах, этот день, Мне не забыть вовек. .

Ты долгожданная мечта,

Ты мой рассвет, моя заря!

В руках лелеять я готов,

Тебя, родная, я всегда!

Thanks so much for this reaction✨ I can’t wait for the following reactions!! Please let it be "Confessa+Diva Dance" singer 2017 and "Diva Dance" from Bastau 2017.

Love your reaction. This is an early composition by Dimash himself. He wrote it when he was around 18 years old. It is a beautiful love song. This a translation:
Unforgettable Day
I fell in love with you at first sight
And with your playful honey-sweet words
I was fascinated by your charming ways
I couldn't stop looking at your shining face

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day
Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

You are my long awaited dream
You are the light of my life
I want to hold you in my arms
You are my life's purpose, my everything

The heart wants what it wants
The fire in me is still ablaze
I'd be the happiest in this world
If destiny brought you to me

Oh, dearest That unforgettable day
Oh, dearest That unforgettable day

You are my long awaited dream
You are the light of my life
I want to hold you in my arms
You are my life's purpose, my everything.

Hope to see your next reaction to Dimash songs. Greetings from Amsterdam.

At 14:50 it was an G13 but that note is to high for the human ear 😁; that's why you couldn't hear it.
I recorded that moment and used it to scare the mouses 😆

Да, Димаш это явление века. Его голос шедевр. КОСМОС! И как можно оставаться равнодушным к такому Чуду! Спасибо огромное за реакцию.

Love your Friday Dimash Day and your Channel Dimash gives us all a Master Class in singing each time he performs. Looking forward to the next one. Many thanks 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️👍👍

This song by Dimash is popular in Dimash homeland. As people let you know,that men,who sing with Dimash, is Kazakh as well.💗

Hi, I really enjoyed your reaction to D8 – this is unforgettable indeed)). Dimash adds whistle sounds in his performances just for fun when he is in a good mood)) as you go progressively taking his Singer performance you can make next Friday either double or triple Dimash Day as the next episode is Confessa+ Diva Dance (semifinal). As you understand he killed it but the Bastau performance of Diva Dance is a way better. And additionally at one of his Chinese concerts he performed Diva Dance with a whistle sound but there is only fancam video of it. So, it is for you to choose to make it either Dimash double or Dimash triple Day. Diva Dance is a quite short vocalize (or a song in an alien language if you wish) so all the three performances could be combined for fun))

I love all versions of this song coz l love this song but the Singer one is better as he had to give his best in the competition. In Gakku festival he was star performer and came at the end and performed 5 songs so he did that for the 150K audience for fun. Thank you.

Димаш – это КОСМОС! Мы в восторге от голоса Димаша! Взять звук дельфина – это что-то сверх…! Услышав первый раз, были в ШОКЕ от услышанного! Но факт налицо!

Самые красивые песни на родном языке.Так может исполнить только Гений – Димаш.Спасибо вам…мы снова в эйфории.Ждем ваших новых реакций.Украина с вами.

Thank you ! Next Friday – double shot . Contessa + Diva Dance (from a Singer) and Diva Dance from a Bastau concert . Have a nice weekend . Love from Bulgaria ♥️🇧🇬♥️

Dimash and his parents perform the song together:
Every Friday I look forward to meeting you and Dimash. Too bad there's only one Friday in the week.😄😀😍

Your facial expressions when witness D8 note is priceless though . 👌👏👍😂 Yeah you're right about superhuman. Mr Fu Lin said that Dimash is categorized as superhuman with supernatural vocal techniques 😎…next eps-12 Confessa+Diva Dance..please also pick diva dance from Bastau concert for Dimash double 😏😉

Этот парень, который подпевает в каждом видео, перевёл эту песню с казахского языка на китайский , эту песню Димаш написал сам в 14лет

Loved your reaction, Dimash is just out of this world ! I won't miss any of your Dimash's days! I'm so excited about his NY concert on December 10th,! Can't wait to hear his spectacular voice live! Greetings from Costa Rica

Сделайте пожалуйста реакцию на выступлени в Айм -Сингер. Super vocal boys and Dimash 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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