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Hi everyone it’s Caleb Coles here I’m an
Australian singer-songwriter, and today I’m going to be reacting to DImash’s
brand new music video of “know”. Now not only have I not seen this music video before,
I’ve actually never listened to the song Know before, and the reason for that is I
was waiting for this music video to come out so I could do reaction. So you’re
going to hear a first-time reaction to the music video and to the song. Now also
I just did a analysis video of Dimash’s vocal range and I actually talked about
the technical intricacies he uses to have such a big range so also check that
out if you’re interested. Anyway why don’t we get started if you
end up enjoying this video make sure to subscribe. Wow that’s so cool. I will pause it a few
times for copyright issues and a few other things, but how cool is that. Now
you could hear there were some reversed reverb sounds and some reversed chopped
up spliced vocals. But the man, woman, infinity, sin all these things you saw
the waterfall going backwards. So that had this really weird eerie feel. This is
getting me pumped let’s keep watching. What beautiful scenery, with the
ground, and the lyrics talking about you know we’re deserters and they’re in this
deserted place. And I loved Dimash in that low range of his. And the interpretive
dancing you know generally it can be very hit or miss but I think it’s really
suiting this video clip, I think it’s really helping evoke the emotions in it.
I know Igor wrote this song and it has that wistful nostalgic almost sad
romantic feel that he often uses in his songs, it’s really cool. Yeah beautiful, love he is going up the
octave now and he’s using that what I call the weepy tone. It’s that very
emotive and yeah I’m loving the visuals. So far I think they’re they’re really
phenomenal really cool. He did a beautiful little run back there
just I’d had to pause and mention it. It was the little inflections in Dimash’s
voice, it’s the little subtle things that bring out just so much stuff for me
when I listen to him. So this is really phenomenal for me. I feel like he’s
starting to hit his creative straps. What I mean by that is we always knew he
could sing and that he was a creative force but this is; I’m really enjoying this Awesome Yeah I hate pausing it but you know, how
cool is this? I love that Dimash is able to have some of those influences from
the part of the world he is from, those almost Eastern sounds. And I really like
the visuals you know it speaks of relationships, you can see they’re like
firing shots at one another but they’re trying to come together, and then there’s
the fire. Just the imagery of the tension and the strain in relationships.
That it’s it’s a battle but at the same time you want to be together. That’s what
I’m getting from those visuals just really really cool. That was an awesome shot. Haha cool. Yeah that was awesome.
What I really liked about this is to me it feels almost like Dimash is starting
to really find himself. I know that after the singer in 2017 he has been on this
journey. He has released songs and he’s just been finding his stride creatively.
And with a singer who is as talented and diverse in his range and abilities as
someone like damash it can be quite difficult to figure out what to sing. And
I feel like this song really suited him. I think he really suits a more deep,
slightly operatic, slightly pop; this crossover genre I just think really
suits him. I really like the visuals, I thought they were great.
I don’t know how everyone else is feeling about this video clip out there
I haven’t looked at any reviews or anything but I liked it. I thought
it really added to the song. I think this is the type of song that you enjoy more
and more the more you listen to it. It has again that kind of deep longing kind
of sense to it, and that longing, “relational longing” is probably
the few words I’d used to describe the tone of this song and this video clip, and
it was awesome. I feel like Dmash is really going down a great creative path
and I feel like the best is certainly ahead of him and he’s really finding his
stride now. So anyway that was my reaction to this video, I hope you
enjoyed it. If you did make sure to subscribe and I look forward to seeing
you all next time, thanks guys.


Dimash's music videos are visually so incredibly aesthetic and appealing.

And of course he himself is visually appealing himself🤩🥰,
other than him obviously being aurally extremely appealing ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you Dear Caleb for this insightful reaction! 👍🏼👍🏼 I too think the imagery is beautiful (based on Adam & Eve) and matches Dimash’s incredible vocals quite well. Hope to see more Dimash reactions from you soon as I enjoy your point of view very much! 🌷💗🌷

Спасибо ВАМ за прекрасный отзыв на этот клип " ЗНАЙ" с гениальным певцом ДИМАШЕМ КУДАЙБЕРГЕНОМ! Огромная благодарность ВСЕМ, кто участвовал в создании этого шедевра-АЛАНА БАДОЕВА как режисера, ИГОРЯ КРУТОГО как композитора,МИХАИЛА ГУЦЕРИЕВА как поэта! Счастья, здоровья и огромных успехов в их совместном , творческом пути с уникальным певцом нашей планеты ЗЕМЛЯ -ДИМАШЕМ КУДАЙБЕРГЕНОМ!(мама Абая). С любовью из Казахстана.

Hi, Caleb! Great reaction. I feel the same and I adore this song and admire this MV.

Hi Caleb,again so glad you are feeling better! I hope all is well! I love this beautiful song and video. I think your insight is spot on and helped me understand some of the imagery. Dimash is such an incredible gift to us! Such beauty! Blessings to you and your family, Pam

So beautiful…love this. Caleb your voice is amazing!! You should be out there as an artist as well! Ty for the reaction!😀✌💖

Greetings from Kazakhstan. I really liked the clip and this song is Dimasha. His space vocals and emotional and technical presentation are simply unique. thanks for the reaction.

Caleb,I listen to this song many times because I love it,and I think the video is really good,I love it,made in a very good taste.you did an awesome reaction,thank you 👍😘


Спасибо за реакцию!!!Невероятный Димаш, песня и клип!!!все просто супер 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻

Everything in this video is beautiful. At first I felt that the dancers were too sexual but as I continued to watch and understand the lyrics in English, I concluded that it is a beautiful representation of the the song that Dimash beautifully sang. Thank you Caleb for the great explanation of the overall video and Dimash performance as usual. 😍🇱🇷💅

Thank you very much , you professional muzhik blogger . Thank you so much . Thank you very much nice reaction . Yes yes yes DIMASH KUDAIBERGEN the best vocalist professional WorldsBestCBS professional artist .

Спасибо за Вашу реакцию на клип и исполнение ДИМАША.Я с Вами полностью согласна.ДИМАШ уникален и у него большое будущее.

Хихи – перевод в субтитрах местами отличается от текста на русском!

I dont really like this song and hey even the greats prince etc released bad tracks 1 unforgettable day 2 loved of the tired swans this song is super weird.

Признаюсь честно, не сразу поняла смысл. Видео не ложилось на голос. Несколько раз пересмотрела, сейчас уже совсем другое видение . Димаш хорош всегда и везде. Короче пришла к выводу что я тугодум😁😁😁😁. Спасибо вам за реакцию😘😘😘

Im singer too this guy is probably best singer tehnicly i ever heard he has all wtf is wrong with this guy i can go wrilly high but wtf is this alien best singer i hope he have concert in europe i wrilly want see him live and yeah you are wrilly good guy simpatic i wish you all best

Это библейская история. Адам и Ева изгнаны из рая за греховную любовь

As always an awesome performance from Dimash and a perfect reaction from you ,Caleb😊
I've never been so active YouTuber, but your videos/reactions/analysis/emotions/… Just a pure pleasure!
Thank you so much ❤️

Love your comments and reaction and support to his video. It’s so beautiful 😍. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪

Listen to the fancam of "Know" from a concert in Moscow. I still love that version more. You should not make the reaction video of it.

The song Know of Dimash is related to creation of God of the world looking at all the beautiful scenic places like the desert, the mountains, the waterfalls . The rainbow and finally the Adam and Eve to rule over all His creation. And above all Creating Dimash who has so unique and beautiful melodious voice of an Angel and a very good person as well. I love it.

Thanks again Caleb for your reaction!
You would be surprised, how many people dislike this MV. And I mean literally dislike, almost to stage hate.
Mostly because of "dark" Alan Badoev (director of clip) visualisation style. But who know A. Badoev, it would hardly can expect something else. The MV for "Love of tired swans" (LOTS) is also good example, even my personal opinion is that MV for LOTS is far more spectacular and breathtaking. Here I feel like I am still missing something, cannot describe it better. That doesn't mean the video would be bad, not at all. Probably my expectations was higher, but anyway… Great song, great Dimash, great composition and work, without doubt.
Btw, are you fond of some fun/experiment?
I would love your reaction and opinion for one clip/song. But it is something… hmm…. different. 😀

This video was so beautiful when I first saw it on his channel earlier, I cried. It reminds me of the human condition…love. How we can be apart, but the desire to be with that one you love can be like battling a war. The video put the words into motion so perfectly! Loved your reactions, as always and look forward to more!

Dimash and Igor have a very unique way of combining their amazing talents to compliment each other, and when they but it all together they create a magnificent work of art. So when making their songs into a music video it has to become a Masterpiece. 🎼🎶🎤❤️🇺🇸👏👏👏

The Best Reaction For Angeliq Voice in the world,Bravo caleb ,i like your good voice and i like angeliq voice dimash

Thank you Caleb, you are always spot on and you know what you are talking about, a great singer yourself. This MV is great and well done. Of course Iceland was the perfect place to shoot it 😉

I love this song….the vocal runs are amazing. 💕This video was filmed in Iceland by the same director that did his " Love of Tired Swans" video…..both songs are by Igor Krutoy with lyrics based on GUTSERIEV poetry. The director's videos tend to be darker are more artistic. I purchased the song on iTunes (listed under his Russian name). It is available on most platforms.

Awesome yes yes yes.. His voice so beautiful. I want to hear this song/melody loud thru out my house. Puts you in a dream state.

If you get the chance, react to the live version!
This one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNdIEj3tM2c
Or this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EbkBtBjc-E


If you want both, one in each ear, react to this one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGoKFvLsIPM

Thank you, Caleb, for your reaction and comments. What you shared was for me the third time I watched the video. I share your views as concerns Dimash's performance, the performance of the dancers and the general imagery. Dimash has performed Igor Krutoi's "Know" many times: in his solo concerts in Moscow 22 and 23 March 2019, at Sochi "Novaya volna 2019," and a few other times. I've always deeply appreciated his performances, but this is something totally different. At first sight the video is hard to grasp and comprehend, but it is getting clearer now. What disturbs me is the perhaps unintended equation of LOVE with SIN. Love, by the way is factual not only between a man and a woman, but likewise between a man and a man, a woman and a woman, between parent and child, between brothers and sisters, between God and man. — Igor wrote the song originally for Lara Fabian, but she just hummed it through. Its Italian title was back then "Ascolta la voce," ("Listen to the Voice"), but when it was Russified, the title was changed into "Знай," "Znai" ("Know"). The Russian lyrics are by Mihail Gytsepiev.

Hi Caleb,
Loved your reaction and analyses of the story in the MV. Beautiful voice, scenery, nature, music & lyrics and dancers. Dimash is awesome and everyone is cool. It's not easy to work in such could and foughy environment. Very professionaly done 👌👏

Клип прекрасен! Слияние песни Димаша с природой :горы, водопад, радуга, то ли закат или восход солнца. Очень красиво.
А пение Димаша! Одно удовольствие!
Спасибо Вам за отличную реакцию!!!!

Dimash always surprised me ..!!
Really i love his way at singing ..
He has a marvellous sound..
And i like your analyzing ..
You are great..
I admied you ..
Go ahead ..

Wonderful reaction! I loved this video and this song. I absolutely love that he doesn't seem to be heading in the direction of popular stars today… because no one direction can hold him. He is beyond… and he is magnificent. ❤

I am Slavic, Ukrainian with Eurasian Turkic ancestors, but I can speak English for you. I totally agree! 😄 He is finding his creative stride. Both in the concept of the cinematography, and the music genre itself. It's a perfect blend of opera, baroque pop, and a pop-rock ballad plus, like you say, ethnic elements. Gosh he can do any sort of kind of run with his voice. The training he must have done. And the lyrics. Wow. 😊

Caleb…I LOVE watching you when you do a Dimash reaction….:) Your eyes tell me that you "feel" listening to the song!
I am a big fan(dear) for you..to me you are the best!! Keep up the good work..TC & GBU

Thanks Caleb ! I love this song . Especially the part with the strains ( tunes ) . Please see this song from New Wave and Moscow concert ( 23.03. still without lyrics, from fan cameras )
Love from Bulgaria ♥️🇧🇬♥️

It will be interesting to see what path Dimash takes. I suspect he will continue to enjoy variety and not be easily pigeon-holed as an artist. And I don't know that we've seen it yet, but with his operatic training, we may find that he tries "difficult" music, just because he can. Because it's mind-candy for him. 😉 I see people struggling with this video, but I'm not sure why. There's enough symbolism here for me to put together a storyline, and it seems pretty universal.

Прекрасная реакция, на уникального человека, на шикарное произведение, люблю Димаша

Hey Caleb, thanks for your reactions! Where are you located? I currently live in Melbourne but I am from Kazakhstan. Good to see dears Down Under!

Was the word you’re looking for “plaintive”? Igor’s songs always have plaintive note runs and flat notes – that make his melodies so haunting.
Yes, this is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again Caleb- you sound almost 100% – great to see you’re much better and another great reaction and analysis!
Btw This was shot in Iceland

Извените,но мне лично мешали слушать песню валяющееся парочка.Они просто заглушают красивую песню и отвлекают от Димаша.Зачем так усложнять мрачностью и серостью.Хочется наслаждаться песней самим Димашем,а не смотреть на пещерную парочку.Простите,но даже парочка внешне просто у..с.Как то Бадоев не продумал смысл песни.Сама песня шикарное исполнение Димаша.

Прекрасный клип и прекрасные танцы ,шикарная природа и певец, спасибо всем кто сделал этот клип

После него противно слушать всю эту Пугачевскую шушеру

Спасибо Калеб, чем больше смотрю клип, тем больше он мне нравится. Бадоев воплощает сюжет песни, используя магический голос Димаша и обязательно танцы, необыкновенная природа, свет, закат, восход. Меня очень впечатлило, спасибо, буду пересматривать много раз

Thank you so much for this reaction video. I enjoyed your reviews- "I think this is the type of song that you enjoy more and more the more you listen to it"; "Dimash is starting to really find himself"; "He's starting to hit his creative straps"; ..

I love your reactions, Caleb. Dimash’s cover of Lara Fabian’s ‘Vocalise’ is exquisite. There’s a clip of Lara singing with Igor Krutoy at the piano. Fascinating to see him doing the same song with two different but talented vocalists. Love your musical insight. Cheers! From #Tasmania 👋👋🇳🇿

Fantastic comments Caleb. Absolutely spot on!! The “deep relational longing” is an evocative description of the theme of this video. ✅

As for this high art collab with song, music, dance, video, natural elements, pristine environment….how ‘bout it!!! Dimash with Alan and Igor, are provocatively taking it to the world.

How Dimash's songs bring out the passions in people, reading some of the comments.
I love the direction he is choosing to go and his teaming with Igor Krutoy has brought out a new maturity in him. You are always spot on with your sensitive reading of his songs. Well done you!

Hey Caleb! Thanks for a great reaction and agree with your comments! If you are interested in watching a live performance of that song, please trust me and use this fancam, it’s great quality and close-up. Unfortunately there’s no official clip of that performance which is totally captivating and different, as most part of it is impromptu. Not asking to react, just watch it on your own and enjoy 😊


Димаш это цунами спасибо большое за реакцию здаровье и благополучие вы супер

Рахмет сізге Калеб мырза! Керемет видео, керемет реакция! Сіз түсінігі мол жан екенсіз. Димаш❤❤❤

DIMASH needs to get American or Korean music producers and video directors for his songs. It's really regressive

Благодарю за реакцию!!!! Димаш божественен!!!!!! Словами не передать !!!! Это невероятное чувство !!!!! Спасибо вам за нашего Димаша!!!!

Dimash usually stops at e6, but I think the top note in "Know" is an f6 whistle tone. Anyway thank you for another awesome Dimash reaction.

Thanks you for your reaction, I like very much how you analyse the Dimash's voice. Dimash is le best singer of the planet for me. From PARIS_France.

Igor Krutoy,Dimash ,the story & the Dancers …AWESOME !!!!! Love your reaction & your channel too,Caleb. Thank you

I honestly think this mv video would be utmost favored by the famous and resilient game designer/director Hideo Kojima

I wish I could have given you more than one like for your analysis.This young man is a gift .So grateful for the grande moments he is creating for us all .

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