Designing the music universe for the inmu

I’ve always been interested in making music that influences ones moods, and can perhaps change the experience of how much time is passed. This is the experience I’ve used to create the inmu’s sound universe. Music can draw one in many different directions. You can make music that calms you, makes you feel melancholic, thoughtful, or perhaps just immerses. You can also makes music that lifts up your energy level, picks you up and perhaps even puts you in a good humor. This type of music will have an entirely different character, another structure, and will have a more rapid tempo. Now I don’t know what a glad sound is, but there is a great difference between saying: Bam, bam, bam and saying: Bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam-bam. One is simply picked-up by the rhythm and the context of the tones. When working with the music for the inmu I find myself quite inspired by nature. Like when one is at the beach, and a wave comes rolling in, it always sounds like the previous wave, while at the same time sounding unique. I believe that is important that music has a great degree of predictability, without being the same all the time. This calms our brain, when we can sense, that we can be safe with the music and it don’t have to constantly guess what happens next. This is what I have tried to frame in the music of the inmu: that you yourself can influence the music in the inmu, that you can collaborate, this is of the greatest importance for me, because we are so used to listen to music where it is the sender of the music, who determines how the music shall affect you. Even just to get 10% or 20% influence yourself, I think, is very important. I could never have imagined, how great of an effect the inmu has on other people. To see that what we have made can be used to calm both the elder, as well as children and can also be used in work places where people can take a moment with the inmu. That it can be used in work with distraught children, but also with dying persons in hospices. It has been very moving, and it is a fantastic journey to be on.

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