Demi Lovato – I Love Me


Goddess of Egypt, owner of the whole fuck <3 come here let me give you a smell.

Deusaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do Egito, dona da porra toda <3 veeeeem cá deixa eu te dar um cheiro.

No support from me! She’s such a bad influence for her fans. Celebrities with addiction CHOSE TO START DOING DRUGS/ALCOHOL. IS A CHOICE!!! You will never become an addict/ alcoholic if you never start.

Am so glad she pulled through cause I would've cry if she died like cry cry love u demi plz stay this beautiful and true to u ik it's hard but we love u and want u to be healthy for u

Love every minute of this video. Really does summarize her life and where she is now. Beautiful black belt fighter 🙌🏼❤

Why do I feel like crying all the references hit hard

Especially the Jonas brothers and the overdose I miss her being friends with

You won against yourself Demi and the world is so proud. You're getting there, keep going we're with you. The WORLD is with you.

Smoky eyes look wonderful on her, I felt in love from the dong of « heart attack ». I misd this Lovato ❤️

Até que enfim 😍 como é bom ver a Demi voltando com tudo 👏🏻👊🏻💪🏻👏🏻😍❤️

“Guilty about everything I eat……” damn Demi is literally speaking to my heart and such an inspiration 💙💙💙💙

Demi your a beautiful successful women. Words will only effect your energy levels if you allow them too. We all get bad days, and it all starts with loving yourself unconditionally even at your worst moment for anyone. All is energy every piece of life is energy that resonates to a frequency.
Leave the haters behind and love yourself more each day rise and see the love in your own heart in your mind and you’ll be free of all hate.
Never consciously in any moment use the word hate with anything even a visual comment as this binds your energy to the negative energy directed at you.
The world is mostly the way it is due to negative energy continuously being directed at a frequency level that tunes in to attaching its self to peoples energy through fear and discord.
There is always a darker force of energy waiting in the energy around us waiting to be given more life by our thought process catching us off guard.

Good going Demi! At some point in our lives we have to stop beating ourselves up and trying to make everyone else happy. You have to love you! Only God can get you through. I learned the hard way.

Holy s** this video and song made my heart beat so strong, you are an inspiration for all women, demi, keep up the amazing work! You go girl! ❤️

If she make an album like her last especially a song with Lilwayne on it again. That album about to be dope.

The ambulance part and her putting her hand on her with reassurance is what got me. This video is emotional. 💜

I never used to listen to Demi.. But as a addict myself, I understand her❤️hope she keeps clean. Its a fight forever. Sub to me for stories on prison crime and drugs

I wished she embraced her body the it is right now instead of hiding it under all huge coats. I’m sure she can find outfits that go with her new figure and she will rock them any ways.

Am I the only one who finally got the message behind the message in this music video like 1 day later 🤯. I didn't follow a lot of her earlier career but I'm familiar with the fact that she was a child star went on to Disney camp something with the jonas brothers on to her solo career as an adult with that 2015 breakout album then the overdose I peeped some of the stuff from her past in this video. Deep.

I love Demi Lovato so much. Although there many songs of Demi that are simply just awesome because I adore all of her songs. This song defines her voice, her essence , her personality and the person that Lovato is. She is so talented and is a beautiful person who has gone through many difficult situations, yet has so much inner strength. We are fighting our own inner demons and that's what makes us who we are. Demi is a true warrior and total badass 😊😊😊💚💚💚

Love it! I could do without the curse words but I think we've all been there and cursed at life. I think a lot of people can relate! F you demons in life, I win!

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