Deadpool The Musical 2 – Ultimate Disney Parody!

[Intense music] That’s right! NOT Safe For Work. Play nice! [Automatic gunfire] Deadpool: Aw, shit! [Gunfire, intense music] Deadpool: Catch! Deadpool: Missed me! [Music intensifies] Deadpool: Ding dong! [Guard screams in pain] Deadpool: You get a bullet! And you get a bullet! Everybody gets a bullet! [Guards yelling, running] Deadpool: Shit! [Swords swinging, grunting] Deadpool: Mother… fucker! Give… me… [Sword metal impacts] [Gunshot] [Guard grunts] Supercalifragilistic-DECAP! [Goal buzzer, air horns] Woo hoo hoo hoo! Holy fucking… STINKPICKLE! Did anybody see that?! Totally worth the setup time. [Doors burst open, guards yelling] Guard: Get on the ground! Deadpool: 3, 5… 8.. 9… Well, okay. Didn’t any of you ass-snackers see the first Deapool-Musical-Link-In-The Description-Below? I mean, seriously! I merc’d like, twenty of you stunt guys. …Nobody? [Guard coughs] Well, okay. [Claps hands] Deadpool Musical 2. …Let’s Lin-Manuel this Miranda. [Music starts] [Bomb explodes, guards scream] [Guards screams, gun shots] Deadpool: Hey! Ow! Ow! [Gun clicks] Deadpool: Five Nights At FUCK YOU, buddy! [Guard whimpers] [Weakly singing] ♪ Let it go… ♪ ♪ Let it go…? ♪ [Gunshot, splatter] …MY musical. [Music starts] Thank you, uh thank you very much. [Music ends, heavy breathing] Deadpool: Ok, I was expecting a little more applause then just that.
Who in the cameo are you supposed to be? I’m Jubilee! I’m an X-Man, you moron. Are you gonna take this power dampening collar off, or- Deadpool: No, no no, mean girl. I mean, which one are you? After all, you’re played by a different Asian actress in every X-Men movie. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Fuckknuckles! You did it again! [Fireworks explode] Don’t think saving me is going to win you any points with the X-Men. You’re not a super hero. You’re an actual murderer. [Music starts] Maybe she’s right… Maybe there is something wrong with me. Oh, seriously? Jubilee: Oh, god. Jubilee: Ugh. Jubilee: I’m gonna be sick. Blind Al: Yeah, jerkin’ off. …oh, SHIT! [Gunfire, film crew screams] [Music ends]
Deadpool: “A-Team”. 80’s Reference. The kids love that. You are such an asshole. I love it when a medley comes together. SMASH CUT! [Music begins]
[Blackbird jet engines] [Fighting, yelling] ROGUE! So, how about a little skin-on-skin contact? Rogue: UGH! Ya’ll thought this was a bright idea? Beast: He doesn’t even have an X-Men uniform. BEAST! So meta. So, Belle still giving you blue… everything? Cyclops: Look alive, X-Men!
[Laser explosion] Logan, if you wanted someone to impale you- Wolverine: GET OUT OF MY WAY! Beast: Good DAY!
Rogue: Get lost! Wolverine: Fuck you!
Cyclops: Go home!
Jubilee: Good bye! [Music ends, jet engine fly by] [Knife hits board] Deadpool: Mother… fucker. Well, I didn’t want to join their STUPID franchise anyway. They can’t even keep their timelines straight. Blind Al: What about the Justice League? Eat farts, Wakanda Sykes. [“Pulp Fiction” Ringtone Plays] DP Dildo Delivery. Any time, any place, any hole. … An “infant war”? You know, I’m always up for a good baby fight. [Music starts, repulsor engines] Iron Man: Um, stop trying to steer me, Wade. Iron Man: Dickjoke. Groundbreaking. Iron Man: Avengers, I need backup. Iron Man: Not what I meant, Natasha. [Music ends] Nick Fury: What part of no singing on this motherfuckin’ channel DON’T you people get? Captain America: Language. TONY. Drop that bitch. Iron Man: Uh, yeah… Give it a couple years, kid. Deadpool: Oh… shiiiiiiiiiiit! Deadpool: What does it take for an anus dried apricot to catch a break around here? Aw, what? These aren’t the ones with marshmallows? Al! Where’s the milk?! Blind Al: …idiot. Deadpoo: This isn’t… [Angelic chorus]
Deadpool: Oh…. …Canada. [“O, Canada” Anthem Plays] [Fighting, yelling] [Grunt] Deadpool: Oh my god, woah… Shitty wookie and alopecia ewok! I am home! Let me guess. …Star Wars parody? Alpha Flight, dumbass. That’s Sasquatch, I’m Puck, eh!? [Sasquatch Roar] Canadian super heroes, sorry. What, they couldn’t afford Peter Dinklage? You tell me… …K-Mart Ryan Reynolds. [Sasquatch laughs]
Deadpool: Ooooo… Baby’s got spice. So, what’s your song, tiny dancer? [Sasquatch growls]
[Doors burst open, ninjas yelling] [Ninjas yelling]
[Music starts] [Sasquatch roar] [Door bursts open]
Deadpool: What the shit? Deadpool: With benefits!? SPIDEYPOOL!! [Music stops, akward cough] [Music starts, yelling] [Fireworks exploding] Where is Deadpool? [Whistle] [Lush, pretty music] Deadpool: Oh, yeah! Deadpool, Team Princess: CONFIRMED. Roll credits, motherfuckers!
WOOHOO! [Gunshots]
[Princesses laughing] [Music swells]
[Magical sparkles] [Instrumental music begins] [Wow! You watched the whole thing!] [Who says people on the internet
don’t have attention spans?] [As your reward, how about a…
MID-CREDITS BONUS SCENE!?] [That’s right. Just for you. It’ll be our little secret…] [Spoiler Alert – Infinity War spoilers.] [But come on, it’s been out for, like… months.] [If you cared, you would have seen it, right?] [Snorting] Woo! Augh! To infinity and beyond! Ah. Avengers: Disassemble. [Snooooort] [Now, the real challenge…] […watching the entire credit scroll!
(You can do it!)] [All of these crazy maniacs made
this fan film FOR YOU!] [Fellow fans: Let us know your favorite part/easter egg in the comments!] [OK, I’m gonna go get a drink…] […stay put, be right back.] [And we’re back! Boy, this is a tasty beverage…] [Last video, I gave you my secret chimichanga recipe.] [This time, a special cocktail recipe for the adults…] [INGREDIENTS YOU’LL NEED] [1 bottle of Aviation Gin.] [Maybe, 2 bottles… 2 bottles of Aviation Gin.] [1 bucket, 1 large bag of ice.] [Pour contents into bucket,
stir vigorously with freshly washed hands. Sip & enjoy!] […Look, the recipes can’t all be winners, ALRIGHT.] [#NotSponsored] [#UnlessYouWantUsToBe


i seriosuly can hear any of these songs without singing this now fav part is "im deadpool" at the start so amazing lol

It would have been great to have deadpool in endgame. And have thanos say "Not you again!" You'll know what I mean if you read the comics

I loved this so much! I would love to see a Deadpool Princess video! Plus, the Captain Picard doll was awesome for Professor X!

DEADPOOL 3’s opening scene better begin like this with a musical and all, GOOD JOB GUYS ! This is miles better than what Hollywood could ever make !

Listening this over and over bc my late husband really loved deadpool and how Reynolds worked for it. Marvel fan for reeeel. He would've appreciated this. Love you <3

I can't believe I just found this. We gotta blow up this channel for more parody videos like this. This is the content that should be getting likes, more than stupid kids making fart jokes or talking in memes…

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fuera interesante que DEADPOOL se coja a MALEFICA POR Que maléfica representa a DISNEY y asus canciones ,quien canta en una batalla de verdad 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

*que pasara ahora que disney compro marvel…? esa escena mori de risa jajajaja ya veo las pelis que vendran jajaja…

I still remember the time when deadpool made a team and they died in their first mission except one……what a memory….

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