This song is dedicated to my 21 years old self, thank you and I will love you now.


I will start to love you i mean i will love me now

THIS LINE! THIS LINE REACHES TO ME SO MUCH (I dont really love myself no matter what i say so..wodnkskdkd it really reaches me)

Me before understanding all of the lyrics: “oh I bet I they’re talking about a girl and wanting to know more and more about them because they’re so in love”
Me after fully reading the first half: “oh shit this is about self discovery damn that’s uncomfortably close to home 😭”

Wow. I love how soft sungjin's voice sound in this song. Especially around ~ 2:40 the English part♥️

Okay so like I know they're different songs (with different messages) but after listening to this, I just feel like going over to listen to MJ's "Man in the mirror" and Britney's "Girl in the mirror"
All three sound great and now I suddenly feel old. XD

let's appreciate sungjin's english line! his english got so better like wow he sounds so good!! I mean he already was but now he sounds fluent! i love him so much


i really want them to make a song with english lyric or just do this album to be eng ver bc i really like the meaning ㅠㅠ

Day6 with their lively music and depressing lyrics… Again

I am so in love with their b-side tracks 😭❤❤❤❤

Once again, Day6 makes songs with sad meanings, yet they manage to produce it with 'happy' and 'joyful' vibes.

I thought this song is a love song but after listening the 3rd time,this song about loving ourself!! Thank you to Day6

Ive just watched all the lyrics videos from the album and honestly i almost cried multiple times, and im the kind of person that never crys from these kind of things, i have never cried from a tv show or movie. yesterday i saw something that made me feel really bad, and these songs made me realize i shouldnt be so sad. I really apriciate day6s music❤

It almost been a week since this song got released and i just got the time to study the lyrics….its 7am in the morning and im crying my eyes out i liked this song so much bec it sounds so happy??? Man the lyrics hit me so hard, its telling me to love yourself, youre ok, youre doing fine, and thank you for always staying strong, i love you. Ahhhhhh😭😭😭😭😭😭

First track in gravity..
Like they tell us to love and maintain relationships with ourselves first,
That's how you can love other people

Day6 damn they did it again. Day6 plays with words really well. From first listen you think the words are pertaining to someone but after reflecting on it the word are directed to oneself. 😭 I can't Day6 are the Kings of Songs about Empathy. No one can change my mind.

I really love this song since i heard it. But never knew that this is the meaning. 😢😭 this hits me hard. loving ones self is really hard. Everyday is a struggle. Loving and hating ourselves at the same time. But the key to this struggles is accepting and loving our own selves. So if you feel like giving up, just give it a try. Slowly trying to love and to accept who we really are. It might be hard along the way but surely, with patience to ourself, we will get there. We'll start to feel alive again and looking forward for the next day.

I personally think that this song was written by YoungK to himself. He said in a fanmeet that there has been one point where he was too tired because things was hard and sometimes he wanted to run away. He said he was that weak of a person.

You did well, Kang Younghyun. You have done so well and we are so proud of you :"( ♥

i love you day6 😭 thanks for all your hard work, really this album saved me 😭 especially for me , cover and time of our life 😭 glad to meet you on this hard time of my life..pray for your succes 🤗

this song will be on repeat for the next couple of weeks… I love the song and it's message! Day6 never fails to amaze me with their amazing vocals and lyrics.

this song hit harder than expected & way too close to home. majority of the times we tend to forget how important it is to care for ourselves as much we care for those around us. ppl dealing w/ insecurities, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, or any sort of problem forget how to appreciate ourselves. everyone deals w/ hardships, but what we have to remember is that we are still here fighting. no matter how tired or broken you feel, you are still here. i understand and i know how hard sef love really is. having self love isnt as easy as someone telling you “just love yourself!” it can take YEARS to manage, trust me, i know, im still not there yet myself. but the road and journey to self love is one that will matter in the end of the day. thank yourself for something small everyday, compliment something about yourself everyday. and to everyone in this comment section whos said this song hits hard for them as well, you are not alone and you are never alone 💕

Youngk wrote this. Im just thinking about him reflecting on himself and his hardships and past dreams and goals and i just wanna cry

Me: *Think about something*
YoungK: "This Girl thought are Interesting, let's write a song about it."
This must be what happen every time or there's no other explanation

All these times, I wished someone was there for me during my hard times. I wished someone would let me show my tears and not be afraid of rejection.
But now I know, I should’ve been there for myself. I should’ve been true to my feelings. I should’ve embrace my weak self rather than casting it aside.

This is samled from the soundtrack of a Nintendo game called "H.O.P" mixed with "Felli Chita" (I know I do not write it correctly).

I've always wanted to find my self my true self the one that's buried deep down inside me and Day6 are literally one of my fav korean bands . Every song of theirs have made me believe again, have touched me more than in just one way, have made me sing along and as loud as my lungs can . This song is absolute greatness, I can't even describe how I feel after I got what it meant like the words can't be enough to introduce what a freaking hard rocking band as Day6 mean to this world and to every my day . Day6 are literally a blessing they are a cure to every broken heart and they actually make you realize things you probably haven't thought about before . Thank you day6 for existing and for making such amazing and powerful music that melts my heart every single day ❤❤❤

i seriously was expecting this as a after relationship break kind of "i'll love myself from now on" but this was simply so much better. this song is a masterpiece.

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