David Williams Gets SHAMED Into Hitting the Golden Buzzer! | Auditions 6 | Britain’s Got Talent 2017

Did I ask for your opinion. What is wrong with you two seriously. You’ve hurt me.{Scene Change} Kyle! Hi! We’re ready for addition now would like follow me David’s having one of his I want everyone to like me day. What’s your name? My name is Kyle Tomlinson. Nice to meet you Kyle. Nice to meet you, too! Where are you from my Darling?
Sheffield. Sheffield? And how old are you I’m 15. Okay Kyle, so tell us a little bit about yourself. Well… I’m sorry. I’m really nervous. I can tell. That’s okay! Take your time. um well, I came couple years ago and I got told to getting a singing teacher and who told you that David yeah Doesn’t sound like the kind of sensible thing? I’d say he was it said it quite harshly Yeah, really And Kyle, how old were you when you said that to you? uh…12 oh (crowd) Boo,Boo,Boo. Well, I’m shocked So presumably for the last couple of years you’ve been working with teacher and you feeling more confident now. Yeah, yeah You need a little sip of water or something we sold over David too late for that Too late throw everything you can to be nice now. What did the others say? What did the others say? They were quite nice. Well. They why was that? he’s strange I was the mean one yes? I’m the only nice one here. Oh By the way, we’re here to support you kyle. so good luck. here’s your chance to prove david wrong Thank you Come on. Do it [Music] #Heard the ones and see you can call David played and it pleased the Lord [use] all he care for music. Do [you]? Goes like this and fourth and fifth the Minor fall and the major lift Baby, we live to God above [who] [know] Miami [haha], how to get somebody who are gay? Hallelujah# [Crowd claps] Kyle!! You stood up baby put your heart and soul on the line And we all felt it and we were all there with you. That was Brilliant You know it’s just shows you [kyle] when someone brings you down and says you’re not good enough You come back, and you come back and look them in the eye you go. I am good enough. (Thank you) David what did you do!? I thought it was really good!!! (cheering) (thank you so much) well done and you know what we’ve sung the thrill process, and that’s what it’s all about. thank you so much You gave every single out you could possibly give to that performance well done Well done. Kyle. It was a really really Moving performance. I’m really glad you came back and prove me wrong [that] I really got really loved it. We will see you live in the studio that was a dream. that’s a fairy tale, ins’t it (that really is)

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