Danielle Smith is Designing the Bag That Every Music Producer Needs

– I was at a friend’s house. He had an extra pad laying around. I don’t even know if it was me or him, and was like (pad thuds) “Oh!” And we both were just
like, “That’s great.” (laughs) (record scratching) (rhythmic piano music) My name is Danielle Smith and I am the CEO and designer of SOUN Bag. The bag has its roots in music. And it was initially made
for the music producer. It holds the MPC, which was
the original inspiration, and your laptop. You can carry vinyl records,
12-inch vinyl records. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and from being very young, I knew I was gonna have a business. (rhythmic hip hop music) Welcome to my studio.
Come on. I’ll show you. (door opens) Okay, so this is where I create. This is where all the
SOUN Bag work gets done. We have a couple of the bags
from this season that’s out. This is where I like to sit and sketch and get all my ideas out. I started out in furniture
design and upholstery. And I was just kind of looking for some other way to make things. So I looked into the accessories
design program at FIT. When I finished school,
I was designing shoes for a footwear company in New York, which was a lot of fun. I was hanging out with Ski
Beatz, the music producer. And he was like, “Make me a bag.” And I was like, “Okay.” (laughs) I just made a prototype. And he loved it! And then he posted it on Instagram. – Got the SOUN Bag, you
know what I’m sayin’? – And that’s where SOUN Bag started. (funky, bouncy music) The original bag that I
made looked like this. It’s covered in leather.
I cut out the square. This became this became this. (laughs) Once we had the finished
product, then I was like, “Okay, I need to have the
website so people can purchase.” What I liked about GoDaddy is that I could change the fonts. I could navigate and
see things differently. Online sales on my website
builder, it’s integrated. And so there’s really not much to set up. And then they also track the traffic. I find that helpful. I can
see like, “Oh.” You know, “More people looked at it today.” Or, “No one really looked at it.” So I can kinda get immediate feedback on what I’m marketing and promoting. One of my favorite sayings
comes from Pharrell and he’s like, “It’s all
research and development. There are no failures. Just
research and development.” And now it’s put me in a world of music. I’m like front and center on
some new artists that are out. I’m meeting just really
dope, creative individuals. (knocks on door) – Finally! – Hey! – Hey, what’s goin’ on? – Poly Rob is a music producer who’s been in the
industry for some time now and got his own records on
the wall, which you’ll see. I actually met him at an
event and he bought a bag. He walked in, he saw
the bag and he was like, “Whoa! What is this?” (laughs) – This is, like, my traveler. I can put my entire studio in there. I think, ’cause since
all my, of course my mic. This little part right here in the back is the killer right here. Because then, you know,
gotta get that bread. Gotta get that square. – Ahhh. – And this always, this
reassures me that everything is where it need to be. I’ll always thank you for that. You know what I’m saying. Just
understanding what producers or just what creatives need
to be able to be on the go. – When a person buys a bag, I don’t know if it’s just the connection that we make over the sale of the bag, you’re now SOUN Bag family. Don’t be so nervous. – You’re gonna talk me out of it! – (Danielle laughs) With the emblem on the bag, when music makers see it,
they feel appreciated. It’s about the music. Like
that’s the whole point, right? It’s like the beat that…
it’s like a heartbeat. It’s what makes you feel. (record scratch)

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