Creating sound effect variations with Varantic

Hi, I’m John Byrd. Let’s make some
sound effects with Varantic. So first of all, I’m gonna drag a few WAV files into
the source window like so. So here are three science-fiction gun sounds. I’m
gonna let you listen to each one. Here’s the first.. and a second… here’s the third…
Now when I drag those sound effects in, Varantic created a probabilistic model
based on those audio inputs. So, to run the model, I press the play button, here. Every time I hit play, I get a sound
that’s similar to all of the inputs, but it’s the same as none of them. I can
replay a particular sound if I want, and if I particularly like that sound, I can
immediately save it to a WAV file. so with Varantic you can create
high-quality variations of your existing sound effects, just as quickly as you can
listen to them. Think about how much time and effort this can save you, as opposed
to manually creating all those variations by hand. It’s fast, it’s easy,
and the results sound great. I’m John Byrd, and I can’t wait to hear what you
do with Varantic.

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