Rest in peace my friend Duncan. The realest person I have ever known. So sorry I was not always there for you my friend RIP till we meet again 1981-2019

I have seen a lot of music videos in my lifetime…This is one of my favorites. Love the way the guys interact and something about the lighting is simply beautiful.James Dean had. just joined the group He seems so natural and fun…love watching him. What was it like for him to be part of this after leaving England?

Lord have mercy. If this song dont stur something in your soul i dont know nothing that could. Remembering my daddy. See you dad on the nightshift. 2019.

Love the harmonizing between the two lead singers. I wish there were groups that still did this in today's music…I honestly can't think of anyone that does. If you can, leave a comment about the group or song, thanks.

Eu agora curtindo essa maravilha recuperando a minha saúde depois de várias cirurgias agradeço a Deus por tudo.beijos a todos que oraram pra mim.

This is great music, will never have a group like the Commodores again music from the Soul and sung with their heart. Glad I'm a 80's kid. Grew up in those years and it was great.

this song reminds meof the glory days in the mid 80's when going to boarding school……..i really love this song til now

This song reminds me happy and sad moments when
I was chilling with my friends and I got a call that my wife passed on leaving our three months son
I'll never forget that day the biggest pain I've ever felt

Outstanding!!! This is what music is all about. Drake and these other rappers should take a lesson. This is pure talent. What beautiful music!!!

o tempo não para mas as grandes canção tambem não essa é uma delas o tempo não passou para ela em pleno 2019 ela continua linda uma canção que mexe com a gente e nos transporta ao passado sem sair do presente linda canção show.

By today’s standard, the Commodores should be super rich with all the chart topping songs they had! The Commodores, Stapler Singers, and Al Green received constant play on my portable RECORD PLAYER in the 1970s! 🤩 Alabama’s finest!

The Commodores have been so good for such a long time. It's a travesty that they weren't all promoted to The Admirals already.

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