I m so sorry we couldn’t get u a win with this song.. but you guys worked very hard and did very well and a lot of people including myself loved this era… so stay strong happy and healthy! Clc fighting!

sorn:( i am so sorry that you got no wins with the past promotions because YALL REALLY DESERVED IT we are gonna put a lot more effort to get some wins for you in the next comeback, just trust us ❤️ i love y’all so much, take care and remember to stay healthy !

Thank you again for an other amazing video Sorn! Thank all you members for speaking English for us in the video. Thank you all for such an amazing come back. I really love the song and the video. Can't wait to see more for you all!!

Sorn, I am LIVING FOR DEVIL 🙌 can’t believe promotions are over this song was a banger! ❤️ loved seeing all the girls enjoying their vlogging time in this haha 🤣

Watching this BTS really made me notice all the small details you girls put into your concept this comeback. And having 2 produsorn video in such a short time despite all your busy schedules is such a blessing! Thank you so much for this

Wow Sorn commented on some comment below saying that if you are love your comment.. so I clicked the notification bell to be early next time.

Yujin is giving me life thoooo <3
Yujin: "I like Seunghee"
Seunghee: "No thanks" Im crying 😀
… Also this video is amazing , i always find music video shoots so interesting, so thank you Sorn for bringing us this very interesting and cute video , we stan a true queen of good content 😀

Ok but if I may say this…. she is putting so much effort on her videos and it show, one of the best youtube channel. So much fun and interesting things, really love it! I don't have time to become an active fan, but I really like discover more about her and CLC through these videos. Really cool.

I'm just to sad knowing that we couldn't give CLC their 3rd win, they so perfect and they deserve it, the deserve the whole world :c

ผมสีนี้คือสวยมากน้อง หนูเป็นคนที่เข้ากับผมสีสว่างๆ หน้าขาวขึ้นเด่นขึ้นเลย ตอนที่เปลี่ยนสีผมเป็นสีนี้ชช. ก็หวีดกันจนขึ้นเทรนทวิตเลย ถ้าเป็นไปได้รอบหน้าอยากให้ทำโทนสว่างอีก สีชมพู สีเทาอมม่วงอะไรแบบนี้ต้องเข้ากับน้องมากแน่ๆ

อีกอย่างอยากให้เมมเบอร์คนอื่นเปลี่ยนสีกันทุกคนเลย สีดำกับน้ำตาลมันไม่ค่อยดึงสายตา เป็นไปได้อยากให้เป็นสีแดง ส้ม หรือ น้ำเงินอะไรแบบนี้บ้างคัมแบคหน้าฝากด้วยน้าน้องสรร ♥️

ปล. ขอคอนเซ็ปท์แนว บดๆ เซ็กซี่ไม่มีแบ๊ว ไปทาง Hobgoblin อีกซักครั้งได้ไหมจ๊ะท่านรอง


I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you speak English on your channel & still have English subs! Credit to you seriously, cos not many you tubers do this! 👍 from Melbourne 🇦🇺

น่ารักมากเลยยยย ทำคลิปบ่อยๆๆนะ คิดถึง ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Sorn and the rest of CLC for working so hard for us this comeback again! You all looked amazing and the song was great. We'll get you a 3rd win next time for sure!

Sorn, you are POPPIN in blonde. Also this BTS had some rare members closeup _ like cutie Yujin chatting and Seunghee being funny as always! Missed Yeeun in your vlogs too, grateful to see a bit of her (Yeeun vs her schedule :'(( ). Take care Sorn, LOVE YOU, ALL OF CLC AND CAN'T WAIT FOR Y'ALL TO DROP THAT FULL ALBUM <3

Thank you for your hard work CLC♥️ it’s an amazing song and MV I also love the choreography the fact that CLC finishes learning the choreography in 2 hours!! I mean you guys are really good at your job ♥️♥️ we’ll waiting for our Queens

As an Insomnia, I loved watching you girls with Dreamcatcher again backstage. You guys had such a great track this comeback. Congrats!

You might be done promoting but I'm not. You hair is great love all the work you'll do. Don't let Yeeun over do it some of us think she goes to hard. The yellow pant skirt 👍good decision and green eye shadow nice suttle touch 👍

I don't know what but there is something in Seunghee's personality that attracts me the most. Don't get me wrong i love ALL the members 💕💕💕

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