Circle Back Around | An Original Song

Hi, I’m April I am a singer-songwriter and music teacher and today I’m going to play an original song for you. This song came about because I started playing the piano when I was feeling really sad, and actually, the process of writing this song was really therapeutic and lovely for me. So, if you are feeling sad at the moment, try writing a song. It might make you feel better. And if you find that you need help with that process at all, feel free to click this link right here and watch my video on writing sad songs. I hope you enjoy my song! Fix yourself, darling. Elbow on the windowsill. The cars can’t crash inside your head if you don’t tell yourself they will. When metal bends the colors never mix the way that paint does and you’ll still have to drive again. The feelings never go away, but it gets easier to pretend. Just forge ahead. Move along. Live the way you’ve always done. And if the green doesn’t follow you, just leave it back for now. If you find your whole world’s gone blue, will you circle back around? Fix yourself, darling. An easel never steered you wrong. You can’t help what happens on the interstates your blood is traveling on. Just forge ahead. Move along. Live the way you’ve always done and if the green doesn’t follow you, Leave it back for now. And if you find your whole world’s gone blue, will you circle back around? Hope you enjoyed this video! If you did, be sure to give it a like, leave a comment, and subscribe to my channel, if you haven’t already. I would love to see you around again! MWAH!


Nice work on the track – reminds me a lot of a "brighter" Norah Jones or even Sarah McLachlan type feel. I could easily hear some high or falsetto type harmonies over the chorus.

I certainly resonate with sad songs – been my primary source of "inspiration" over the past 6 months myself.

One odd thing – at 1:23 (and subsequent times in the video) I think the piano may be rattling your mic a little bit – may just be the natural noise of the keys on the keyboard though.

Oooh I Love this, April! Beautiful! Your song really says a lot with the melody too! It's sad yet comforting. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽΆβœ¨πŸŽ

Nice stuff! Great job as always. Another great song as always! Congrats on 400 subscribers! And that's very true about music being very cathartic, I recorded a "stream of consciousness" type free playing song back in December when my dad went in for heart surgery

Hey, I’m the guy from r/songwriting. Your advice was really helpful and you’re so talented. Good stuff!

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