Cinematic: “Reckoning” (Spoiler)

Varok… it’s time. Those who defend Orgrimmar are Horde as well. Our brothers and sisters. These warriors have sworn to fight. For you. Many lives will be lost. Or perhaps… just one. Sylvanas Windrunner! I challenge… Mak’gora! A traitor leading traitors. Why should I accept your challenge? You want to make me suffer. Brother… you cannot win. My old friend. You… and I…. We don’t get to hide. I set you on this path. And we knew where it could lead. Walk with me the rest of the way. Let it be finished. The High Overlord falls. I trusted you. And so did they. Death comes old soldier. And all their hope dies with you. You cannot kill hope. You tried at Teldrassil. You failed. Hope remains. You set us to kill each other at Lordaeron. You failed. Here we stand. You just keep failing. The Horde will endure. The Horde is strong. The Horde is nothing! You are all nothing! For Azeroth! If you could see yourselves as I see you. Toy soldiers in tin plate. Beasts who howl for honor. Standing as one. Savor it… Nothing lasts. What… …do we do now? We bring him home.


I'm honestly surprised that Sylvanas has survived this long. It's been evident for countless years that she's batshit insane, but nobody's ever done anything about it. The leaders of Azeroth are absolutely incompetent when it comes to dealing with crazies.

Can we restart the WoW movies please. Like the actors were dope, it just moved too fast and needed to start from the beginning and not develop so much. These little trailers are dope, just do those and then add humans. Cool? Cool.

Gosh. I never touched this game, but these trailers are extraordinary. It's sad that the movie doesn't even come near any World of Warcraft trailer…

Could someone explain for the sake of people who watch without much context what Mak'gora means? like it seems like a "1v1 me kid!"
but i feel like its way more than that.

Such a great ending, on such a terrible expansion… Here is to hoping Blizzard gets out of its Activision funk…

"You cannot kill hope. You tried, at Teldrassil…"

Sylvanas was right, the Horde is nothing.

Is this when the Banshee Queen seeks out the Lich King to form the axis powers that will attack both horde and alliance?

Sad. Wish they didn't do this to sylvanas but I guess they needed another evil overlord to bring thrall back :/ there goes one of my favorite characters had faith they could save her story

We used to owe her our lives. She was my Queen. I fought for her in the sewers of Lordaeron. She is just a shell of her former self.

I'll not be surprised that within the walls are webs of traps. The way the flag bearer and Sylvanas looked at each other.

Vol'jin: Windrunner. Come… forward.Sylvanas moves closer to the throne.
Sylvanas: Warchief.
Vol'jin: Da loa spirits say death will claim me soon.
Sylvanas: In the end, death claims us all.
Sylvanas: But the Horde will live on.
Vol'jin: I have never trusted you. Nor would I have ever imagined… in our darkest time… dat you… would be da one to save us. Da spirits have granted me clarity. A vision… dey whisper a name. Many will not unda'stand. But you must step out of da shadows… and lead. You must be… War…chief…
Sylvanas: Horde is Nothing
WTF is this ? Vol'jin you said "many will not understand and she must step out of da shadows"
I think Vol'jin is deaf, Maybe spirits tell him Baine Bloodhoof…
or Sylvanas is real warchief like Garrosh.

I feel Saurfang sacrifices himself Tony Shark did in Endgame to erase Thanos from existence

Blizzard let Slyvanas met befitting end to her life or change of heart, her Lore is one of the saddest. Stopped playing WOW (Following Lore now days) If I have missed something let me know.

We need a Lich King expansion after this, and with Ebon Blade officially re-joining the Scourge. Finally, we can relocate our base to like the shadowlands, and hang out with those shadowy things we saw from Uuna's quest line.

I really had more hopes in the riding staff than let this matter end in the most obvious way possible.
You had more than you needed for an awesome plottwist and another epic story, insted you blew it.
Purple lady bad.. hurray, frkn anduin marching into ogrimmar with not a single of the forasaken comlying.
And from now on it either gonna be Garrosh 2.0 or the entire raid beeing cut. Congratulations.

For Patty Mattson!! Amazing job she has done. Sylvanas is the character you can´t help to love because of her, the way she creates her personality, her emotions… Best character in WoW because of her evolution and story but mostly because of Patty.

Yeah the horde is nothing anymore. Bunch of slaves kissing alliance's asses. Also really no reason for her to say that the horde is nothing by getting a scratch on the cheek and being taunted for 3 minutes.

I'd like to take a minute and tell all of the people who thought Saurfang was going to betray Thrall, that you lost the game. LOL

???: Whoever split the sword of Azeroth, if he be worthy he shall possess the power of Blizzard entertainment and get killed

I wish blizzard would make their own movie without outside help like they do with their cinematic videos. They're sooooo good!

Saurfang lost the dual, but he won the civil war by showing Sylvanas for who she really is. Now no one will follow her.

So long and goodnight,
So looooong and goodnight!

Well if you carry on this way, thing are better if I say.
So long and goodnight
So loooong and goodnight!

– My Chemical Romance

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